• Wha' Gwaan Munchy?!? #18 PROTOJE [December 2014]

    This edition's topics: Gentleman releases the Limited Deluxe Edition of MTV Unplugged / Protoje & The Indiggnation tour Europe / New music videos by Oceana and Exco Levi / Live From Kingston to be held at Hope Gardens with Kabaka Pyramid, No-Maddz amm / Magnum Sting presents clash and reggae vibes on Boxing Day / Voting for album of the year on Reggaeville / Mellow Mood reveal their personal highlights of 2014 in the Yearbook / Co-Host: Protoje

  • Twinz (2014)

    “Twinz” is the third and latest album of Italian reggae band MELLOW MOOD, and will be released on iTunes and digital stores by independent label La Tempesta International.

  • Reggae Singles Vol.4

    Reggae Singles Vol.4 è una playlist ricca di grandi canzoni...

  • Randy Valentine - Wake The Town (Official Video 2015)

    Randy Valentine's "Wake The Town" is the brand new video taken from "Still Pushing" EP produced by Joe Ariwa releasing May 1st 2015....check it out!

     Video Filmed and Directed by MEDIAKONCEPT


  • MELLOW MOOD VIDEO - intervista con i Mellow Mood

    MELLOW MOOD VIDEO - intervista con i Mellow Mood
    Interview by Gigi Piccolo

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  • Mellow Mood ready to release "2 The World"

    Mellow Mood, the most famous Italian reggae band, are proud and happy to announce the release of a new album! "2 The World" is the twin of Twinz and will be released on April 7th through La Tempesta International. Club shows are confirmed as follows, and summer shows will be announced soon! One Love!

  • Mellow Mood feat. Forelock & Hempress Sativa - Inna Jamaica pt. 2 (2015)

    The Mellow Mood say:" Here we are! Our brand new video Inna Jamaica pt. 2 featuring Forelock and Hempress Sativa! This is the first single from our new album, entitled 2TheWorld, hitting the stores on April 7th 2015 for La Tempesta International. Orders here: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/2-the-world/id976320542

     Inna Jamaica pt. 2 feat. Forelock & Hempress Sativa
    (A. Puglia, J. Garzia, L. Garzia, K. Johnson)
    With the special collaboration of Fitzroy Dave Green and Dean Fraser.

    Album: "2 The World"
    Label: La Tempesta International

    Filmed by Mimina Di Muro
    Additional footage by Alfredo Puglia and Giulio Frausin

    Edited by Mario Di Maso

    Inna Jamaica pt. 2 (2015)

    Welcome a Jamaica
    yeh we deh deh inna Jamaica
    more time mi waan fi spend inna Jamaica
    mi nuh waan fi go away
    a so me tell you seh dis a di place mi waan fi deh

    Jamaica a di place weh yuh affi deh yes
    dem talk straight patwa need fi know wah dem a say yes
    people a bawl down pon dem knees dem still a pray yes
    hope di Almighty will listen to dem prayers yes
    well it nuh matta if yuh deh a Spanish Town or Kingston town
    tun off di phone caw yuh nuh go hear di ring tone
    music loud caw dis a music kingdom
    music come out but dem nuh see no income

    Alkebulan I descendants from but Jamaica mi born and grow
    yellow fi the sun green fi land black for the strength that the people have shown
    over the years they’ve sold exploited resources so we don’t own
    so how can this be my home
    Africa mi saying but still I will welcome you to Jamrock dung in Kingston town
    big sound string up and roots sell by the quarters
    dread natty so dread eyes red from chalwah weh mi unda
    man a rub a dub a hold a dawta
    Mellow Mood’s in paradise living the life on the island of wood and water

    The Gideon seh a bare ragamuffin inna wi clic
    weh we boss it nuh go stick
    disya di island weh di music affi hit it affi hit
    from di zinc fence door up to di real concrete
    Mellow Mood Hempress Sativa Forelock depon di line
    reaching all di humans weh di light still shine
    yuh see how we ready fi bright
    caw we following the Most High guide

    Long time me waan come visit
    dis land mi always hear about it
    yah so da fyah nuh stop burning
    whole heap a youths hear Rasta calling
    real vibe inna my blood a flowing
    Sativa she a drive dis journey
    mi a seh full up enough your soul
    and when yuh full open up your eyes
    disya Jamaica


  • Mellow Mood - Sufferation (Live 2015)

    Reggae.Today presents this amazing performance by Mellow Mood playing "Sufferation" from their stunning new album "2 The World". Live set in Conversano (BA) Italy @ "Casa Delle Arti", check it out and stay tuned for more news about Mellow Mood!


    Mellow Mood - Sufferation (Live 2015)

  • Mellow Mood - Influences

    From Mellow Mood here is Influences, their own playlist made for Reggae.Today. A selection of 15 tracks from the present and...

  • Mellow Mood - 2 The World (Album Mixtape)

    Well, “Twinz” had a twin. “2 The World” will be released on April 7th, 2015 via La Tempesta International. The album will be available on iTunes and all major platforms. Cds are distributed by Master Music in Italy and by H’Art in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the shop of La Tempesta (gladly) ships worldwide. www.mellowmoodmusic.com/  This is Mellow Mood “2 The World” official mixtape...check it out!

  • Mellow Mood - 2 The World (2015)

    “2 The World” is the new album from Italian reggae band MELLOW MOOD, and will be released on iTunes and digital stores by independent label La Tempesta International. Ten months after their fortunate “Twinz”, the Mellow Mood reveal its twin, bearing witness to the buoyant creativity of twins Jacob and L.O. Garzia and to the further stylistic evolution of the whole band. Sturdy rhythmic structures and a band stripped to the bone (keyboards, drums and bass) allow the Mellow Mood to freely mix the constituents of reggae music. The five Italians once again deliver an album covering the full extension of Jamaican music, wisely blending roots songwriting with dancehall elements, and experimenting with digital sounds unused to the band. “2 The World” is a twofold declaration of intent. On one hand, the band wants to
    underline an increased opening to the international reggae scene, testified by several and precious Jamaican collaborations (Tanya Stephens, Hempress Sativa, Jah9, Gideon & Selah); on the other hand the title underlines how the Italian scene (artists and fans together) is proving to be ready to be among the main players of the rebirth of reggae music worldwide.
    The Mellow Mood’s teamwork is also gaining increased international recognition. Paolo Baldini is once again the man at the controls, fortified by the collaboration with Mellow Mood on his own project Dub Files, which made him one of the most influent reggae producers of the Old Continent. Forelock and Andrew I, who also teamed up
    in Baldini’s project, are the only Italian guests of the album, though their style is more Jamaican than ever. “2 The World” is a grown-up album, the fourth tile in the discography of a band which has now come a long way, and has a bright future ahead.

  • International Business (2014)

    Kg Man fa il suo esordio discografico con International Business...

  • Exclusive video interview with Mellow Mood @ Reggae.Today

    Reggae.Today interviewing the great italian band Mellow Mood during their last tour in Italy! Check it out...

  • DubFiles (2014)

    Born from an idea of Paolo Baldini, on the 14th October the first full-length album from the DubFilesproject was released. Baldini, bassist of Africa Unite and BR Stylers, in the last few years has made a name for himself as one of the most interesting Italian music producers.

  • Capleton & Max Romeo will be with Gentleman the Headliners Of Overjam International Reggae Festival

    The festival will happen in Tolmin (Slovenia) from 12th to 15th of August 2015. The fourth headliner will be announced soon. The Overjam Festival this year aims to make everybody happy, covering the musical tastes of the reggae lovers and at the same time to satisfy at the best the many people that bought the discounted presales.

    Indeed Max Romeo will be the roots star of the festival, and he will play in Tolmin (Slovenia) on Friday 14th of August, while Capleton will have the goal to make the massive jump on the night of Thursday the 13th.  Before him, the black music burning star Hollie Cook, daughter of the legendary Sex Pistols drummer, Paul Cook. These two big names will be added to the already announced Gentleman, Mellow Mood, O.B.F., Jugglerz, Fatman HI-FI e Brother Culture, waiting for the confirmation and the announcement of the fourth headliner that will have the honor to close the mainstage of the festival on Saturday the 15th .

    Another greedy news of the 2015 edition, is the possibility to easily reach the festival by private bus service connected to main low cost airports, and organized in cooperation with many travel agencies and social promotion associations. The bus lines will leave from Milan, Treviso & Venice airports (where you can fly low cost from all around Europe), Trieste, Villach (connected by train with whole Austria and Germany), Udine, Cividale and Gorizia. The prices of the complete packages festival & bus transportation will be announced on the festival website and on the official facebook fanpage in the next days.

    The full festival ticket (camping included) will cost only 79€ until 20th of June 2015 and it’s available at the Overjam Shop.
    It’s also started the campaign for groups of more than 10 people, at only 70€/each person for the full festival ticket, purchasable only at Overjam Shop.