• Dancehall Soldiers Presents Iba Mahr Official Mixtape

    After performing at Sting 2014, Rebel Salute and his latest tour in the US, Mario Greaves aka Iba MaHr confirms himself as one of the best new sensations artist in the reggae scene. Since his first release with Max Romeo's Charmax Music, the Black Youth of Harar has broadcast many lovers rock and spiritual reggae tunes: his biggest hit "Diamond Sox" that has been an instant success all around the world and the latest "Mama Rosie", an emotional song dedicated to his Mother. In 2015 the debut album "Glory of the King” will be released for VP Records. Dancehall Soldiers is really proud to present "Iba MaHr the Black Youth of Harar"official mixtape, which includes exclusive unreleased audio & dubplates.

  • Capleton @ Reggae.Today: More Fyah!

    Reggae.Today meets Capleton in Salento, Italy. The King of fire speaks about his mission in reggae music and special combo with StephenMarley and Sizzla for Rockstone already a new milestone in the reggae music today. Check it!

  • Brand New MixCd Collection By KALIBANDULU // DECEMBER 2014 Vol.48

    Kalibandu Sound from Italy presents the Next One Mash Up Mixtape to add to the large collection entitled “Brand New Mix CD Collection” Collection that this talented Italian Sound System started for 4 years already. Mixtape made by a month gathering the great sounds, singles and riddims released this month, all this retouched, sometimes mixed and remixed by Kalibandulu. For December 2014, Kalibandulu releases the Volume 48. More than 1 hour of Dancehall Mix by downloading this mixtape on your computer or listening via our soundcloud platform.

  • BoomDaBash - Un Attimo (Official Video 2015)

    BoomDaBash, one of the most popularitalian reggae-dancehall band,  presents "Un attimo",the brand new single and videoclip produced by Soulmatical. "Un attimo"is now available for free download! Check it out!


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    Quante volte ho visto il numero uno
    Dire al numero due non sei nessuno
    Pensavi di non poter essere distrutto
    Ci vuole un attimo per far cadere tutto
    Una volta impara ca nienti ede Pe sempre
    Ca tuttu po cangiare forse ci Nci minti l anima
    Un altra volta impara nu serveNu le guerre
    Ci vuè resti PE sempre tocca cu nci minti L anima
    Ci putia rinascere ntorna
    Era Lu stessu ntorna
    Comu nu discu te piace e bbuei ntorna
    Ci putia rinascere ntorna sine comu na mamma
    Ca varda lu figghiu e lu ole ntorna.
    Quante volte ho visto il numero uno
    Dire al numero due non sei nessuno
    Pensavi di non poter essere distrutto
    Ci vuole un attimo per far cadere tutto
    Quante volte ho visto crescere qualcuno
    Ed un altro dopo diventar nessuno
    Pensavi di non poter essere distrutto
    Ci vuole un attimo per far cadere tutto.

    When you start from the bottom and you reach the top, that's the moment yuh ah go fall
    You try to do your best bu everything is getting hard
    Sometimes a good man is not enough
    Man yuh betta neva let yuh heart be so lazy
    Cause everything in this life has a reason
    Walking on di easy road could be amazing
    But yuh soon ah go find yuhself cryin' alone

    You have to be wise
    And strong
    Wise and strong


  • Africa Unite - Il Punto di Partenza (2015)

    Tuesday 21st April is the release date of “Il Punto di Partenza”, Africa Unite's latest album, completely self penned and  produced. Both  the words and the music are a deep analysis of the bizarre times in which we live, full of contradictions confusion and major upsets. Consequently the band found the need  to state their personal point of view on the subject, as clearly and coherently as possible.