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  • Protoje live @ BBC 1xtra in Jamaica

    Protoje performs 3 hits singles for BBC 1Xtra live in Jamaica...check it out!







  • Protoje - Who Can You Call (2015)

    Track 10 from Protoje's #1 reggae album, Ancient Future, released worldwide on March 10th!

    Produced by: Winta James

    Artwork by: Stella Blu > instagram.com/bystellablu/ 


    Purchase the album here: www.bit.ly/ancientfuture
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    Protoje - Who Can You Call (2015)

    30 pieces of sliver i said that was the price

    you see the value man woulda put pon the blood of christ

    for Joseph it was 20 they never liked his coat

    for Bob a coulda more they never liked of what he spoke

    inspite of all these notes i see the pattern them developing

    Morality secondary to money greed and jealousy

    thats how many fell you see and with that being said

    i'd wondered if my brothers put a price upon my head


    Ive heard that money makes friends and money makes foes

    but money it is not all

    cause when the dough ends and all the banks close

    tell me who can you call 

    Who can you call


    I've seen empires fall and wither down to dust 

    and all the money in the world it could not lift them up

    most brilliant of ornaments crumble down to rust

    because we put we faith in lust and disregard the trust

    hell i know the rush

    I've had the feeling take me over

    the power in my hand when all the band over my shoulder

    the bands of money coming in will change the ones around you 

    be wise you know because it cannot stop you getting older but still

    i admit that i get caught up in the game

    saw the legends do it naturally i did the same

    so I'm rolling round the city 

    Ms. Jamaica deh den with me

    Earth den pon me platter knowing all of this no matter


    And do you think that with the last breath that you take 

    You'll be sitting thinking bout the money that you made

    houses that you lived in cars you drove the bills you paid

    and yet it is the focus what we do and what we say

    what we give we energy

    so you spend your life a work

    acting like the money will be with you in the hearse

    leaving all you family and friends to fight and search 

    that when you see the snakes come out and act like they deserve

    like them put you on reserve

  • Protoje - Sudden Flight ft. Jesse Royal & Sevana (Official Music Video)

    “Sudden Flight" is the third official video from Protoje's third studio album, Ancient Future. “Sudden Flight” is a call for the youth to avoid the quick riches of the street for a more righteous path. Protoje & Jesse Royal represent for the moral voice of Jah people with their sharp verses while Sevana’s incredible voice urges the brothers and sisters of J.A. and the world to maintain their faith, no matter the situation.


    Protoje (@protoje) ft. Jesse Royal (@JesseRoyal1) & Sevana (@SevanaSiren)
    Song produced by: Winta James (@overstand_JA)

    Purchase the album here:
    http://www.bit.ly/ancientfuture  (US)
    http://www.bit.ly/ancientfutureeur  (EUR)
    http://www.bit.ly/ancientfuturecdlp  (CD & LP)

    Overstand Entertainment/In.Digg.Nation Collective

    Written by: O. Ollivierre, P. James, A. Blake, J. Grey, A. Johnson, N. M. Thomas
    Publishing: BMI, Dub Smuggla- ASCAP, BMI, BMI, Sunflower Entertainment Co., Inc. c/o Rufus Music Limited.
    Performed by: Protoje, Jesse Royal & Sevana
    Produced by: Winta James
    Bass: Errol “Flabba” Holt. Guitar: Ranoy Gordon
    Recorded at Tuff Gong & 2Hard Studios,Kingston Jamaica & Red Bull Studios, Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Winta James, Michael “Boxxy” Howell, Jeremy Harding & David
    Mixed by James “Bonzai” Caruso
    Contains an interpolation of “Gunshot” written by Anthony Johnsonand Nkrumah Thomas and published by Sunflower Entertainment Co., Inc. c/o Rufus Music Limited

  • Protoje - Sudden Flight ft. Jesse Royal & Sevana

    Protoje's 5th release from his #1 reggae album, Ancient Future, released worldwide on March 10th! Protoje says:" From the streets of Jamaica Coming Live and Direct!!! 'Sudden Flight' Ft. Jesse Royal & Sevana Now available on Soundcloud" Purchase the album here: www.bit.ly/ancientfuture 


    Purchase the album here: www.bit.ly/ancientfuture
    Follow @protojeProduced by: Winta James



    Protoje - Sudden Flight ft. Jesse Royal & Sevana

    From the streets of Jamaica coming live and direct
    Proto Diggy deh ya we nuh need no mic check
    step inna the place no badda disrespect
    Just a warn the Ghetto yutes about the choice wah dem a make BOOM

    Ladi Dadi naa join nuh party
    look wha the politician them do to Claudie
    look wha the politician them do to Jim
    him son resurrect it and look wah them do to him
    cause them will use and dispose of you those who are close to you
    if you choose to trod this road u nuh
    so bredda bredda if you war tonight
    carry the scars of a Garveyite
    carry the fire of a Melchezideck
    when you mind get a chance represent
    or you might a no pass the present so
    no take them class love you fast then resent you
    want make it fast so them lost every cent too
    so we go back to the ancient ways untold secrets that remained unchanged
    mentally get unchained a one goal a one aim a the same wah you saying

    Got to stay through to the things you know are right
    Nothing worth the gain you attain by Sudden Flight
    Brother keep you goals in sight
    even in the darkest night
    have faith in the father the one who shines your light

    (Jesse Royal)
    Mercy me dem corrupt and covetous eeh
    cause from me eye deh a me knee a one thing natty a see
    the intellect a prey upon the poor poverty
    nobody naa dance though a two party
    oppression brainwashing and nefarious schemes
    to keep the have-nots where they think they ought to be
    I man hear promises of better when the poll time close
    then a back to the same after winner announce
    rockstone a river bottom never know say sun hot
    so many a me brother them trap inna the plot
    glock full a shot but no food inna pot
    a wa wa wah kinda livity that
    I an I a holla straight up wake up wake up Sons of Jacob
    lay down their arms real tools you fi take up
    stay up way up sons of Jacob time to show the cowards what we made of

    so you've made it tell me what’s the basis thinking its so basic
    cruising in the A6
    Naa thats an illusion in the matrix
    when you miss the payments then they gon’ come and claim it
    You have to be focused keep the brain fit keep the flame lit never twist it when you aim hit
    so what i'm saying simple and it plain it all look the same when it flushing down the drain
    watch dem as dem strutting up the lane with the rope gold chain
    chrome suppin in a hand
    Look up pon dem face touch a button if you can
    just fi try take you place a no nothing fi dem man
    but that no matter cause another come along
    and a run the place badder hotter than the summer sun
    boof i see the cycle a repeat playing god up in your palace
    with disciples pon the street

  • Protoje - Protection (2015)

    Track 1 from Protoje's #1 reggae album, Ancient Future, released worldwide on March 10th! Share the vibes!


    Produced by: Winta James

    Artwork by: Keegan Simon - instagram.com/1ndividual

    Purchase the album here:
    www.bit.ly/ancientfuture  (US)
    www.bit.ly/ancientfutureeur  (EUR)
    bit.ly/ancientfuturecdlp  (CD & LP)
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     Protoje - Protection  (2015)

    A word unto the wise is enough
    You can look but don't touch
    My relations and such
    Cause out here in this jungle we roam
    Every King has his throne
    And if you enter my zone
    I vow Protect my Own, Protect my own
    I will protect my own, protect my own

    Bread basket from birth to the casket
    Ive heard they been talking some words I look past it
    I was brought up and taught of the tactics
    And learned that the Lion nuh turn when dog barking
    Watch who you burn who you spark with
    And you haffi go earn if u want it
    So we nuh concern with who hawking
    When them spit can't reach where we walking
    Enemies in disguise wanna see my demise
    Them nuh even realise jah nuh wrong dem
    Cause i see that in life you achieve supmn’, nice
    but achieve sumpn’ twice is a problem
    Then, you can imagine what i face
    Two up in the hand and another on the way
    Plus i have another in the brain
    And every other one a put the other one to shame

    Sharp like the thorn crown pon christ head
    But you know the flow hardough like slice bread
    Lyrics melt the butter fi make a nice spread
    But a nuh margarine i pull the margin in
    Then stretch the margin out and if you marching out
    And you inna doubt then march without me
    I rather march alone than fi march back home
    Tell me Queen say me lost the throne, No
    This was built on the power of the truth
    Discovering the cowards and empowering the youth
    If you give dem a minute dem devouring the fruit
    And within an hour call it sour and chop the root
    You nuh see it? No skill like Bibbi pon me feet
    But drop me pon the riddim watch the clarity weh speak
    Ain’t no parity between what we have and what we need
    So strength out to the wise and protection for the weak.

  • Protoje - Love Gone Cold ft. Sevana (2015)

    Track 6 from Protoje's #1 reggae album, Ancient Future, released worldwide on March 10th!

    Artwork by: Kokab


    Purchase the album here: www.bit.ly/ancientfuture
    Follow @protojeProduced by: Winta James



    Protoje - Love Gone Cold ft. Sevana (2015)

    I know you think about me every night
    especially when he ain't treating you right
    I guess it didn't go according to plan
    try to replace me with a simpler man
    The streets of kingston yeah they do get so cold
    to think you thought that they were covered with gold
    Now everybody's got your story to tell
    i hope you handle it well

    Love gone cold
    gave you all i had yes i played my role
    cannot give you more than that
    I love you but I'm not coming back
    You've done me wrong
    Yet you keep repeating the same old song
    But baby that won't change the fact
    I love you but I'm not coming back

    Girl naa show man no decency
    did all believe up to recently
    change her mind oh so frequently
    and me can't operate pon that frequency
    times she'd a deh pon the P's and Q's
    start act different she seem confused
    all a the things weh she keep consume
    carnival a come and she need costume
    me waa left from the gliding lights
    she just care bout the friday nights
    from sunset back to broad day light
    and she coulda be the Queen if the card play right
    but she woulda rather be the ace
    all a the fun wah she take out of the chase
    want make a run but me nuh in a the race then
    but such is the case when

    Now you calling in the dead of the night
    like i made up the things you did in my mind
    you have no respect and you don't even try
    out there playing games, always telling lies
    Look what you look what you just look what you did
    don't you care about my feelings
    there was a time when what we had was true
    now those days are gone there is nothing left to do

    Now you're alone with all those secrets you keep
    Keeping you up and you can't go back to sleep
    sleeping around to find a happier place
    placing your heart inside a lonelier space
    i guess you thought things would get better with time
    not knowing what we had was one of a kind
    now you're afraid to look at who you've become
    an empty soul on the run

  • Protoje - Criminal (2015)

    Track 2 from Protoje's #1 reggae album, Ancient Future, released worldwide on March 10th! Share the vibes!

    Produced by: Winta James

    Artwork by: Keegan Simon - instagram.com/1ndividual


    Purchase the album here:
    www.bit.ly/ancientfuture  (US)
    www.bit.ly/ancientfutureeur  (EUR)
    bit.ly/ancientfuturecdlp  (CD & LP)
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     Protoje - Criminal  (2015)

    Dem a Criminal naa follow dem take wha dem want then dem gone back again
    Dem a Criminal naa go them feast, we nuh retreat we just gone to the east
    Dem a Criminal but a we follow Jah law see dem a fraud with them tra la la la
    Them a Criminal oh Them a Criminal Na Na Na NA

    Jah a the main shield
    The eye dem stay peeled
    The music stay real fi pickney pon the play field
    Baby in the stomach, mummy now the pain real
    Headphone pon her belly watch him stay still
    See The son a shine see how the reign feel
    Jah beg u keep him dry i beg i pray fi him
    Fi the man den weh a chop it up a grange hill
    To the man dem weh a cut it in a cane field
    Dem lock up Leonard Howell fi sell Selassie face
    Dat couldn't stop the message this a Selassie place
    A that you hear we reppin ask about what happen
    Pon September 11, 1987
    Then them kill we bretheren- Tosh and Free I
    So Rasta Reggae Radio could never see the light
    Gwaan No believe in I, say i a Levi
    Trod with the Simeon So act like u nuh see me.

    The Son arise before the sun arise
    some despise it a so me summarise it
    See some a eyes it wah sit weh I sit
    Create a crisis but jah come give me ises
    uh huh…. Them send them dogs to the synagogues
    but the lions align against the giunea-gogues
    Mr. Inquisitor caa go see it pause
    Home of Marcus, His Majesty did visit yaad
    Me envision them timing a go critical
    dem select the pawn fi lef’ it sticky poon we
    Walter did warn we, Boukman did born deh
    and go Haiti and revolution start, yeah
    The same man dem in a Jacket and tie
    A dem a pack the supply and attract you to buy
    But that is a lie just fi try stack it up high
    Well I never oblige I attack and survive

  • Protoje - Bubblin' - brand new single

    Protoje's 4th release from his upcoming album Ancient Future, "Bubblin"!Produced by: Winta James, Diggy British & Paris Lamont. Check it out!






    Feel free to get lifted
    Young, fit and gifted
    And as we gather to take part in this ancient tradition

    Chalice full of water, ashes you nuh see
    Zuggu light the matches burn the stash inna Kutchie
    Lucky say me have it so as it chop and reap
    Chucky say him have it him will go for 'cause of me
    Nuff inna the duffel have it stuff you shoulda see
    Rougher pon the government free up economy
    Make them know say it a carry healing property
    Stack it tree pon toppa tree and sip it like a cup a tea
    I can remember how them puff it pon the lane
    Dougie dread them set it yeah him a did one of them
    First a did a Collie now a Kush a just the same
    'Cause when time Sunday morning come a one thing a remain say it

    Bubblin', bubblin', bubblin'
    Bubblin' over this morning, yeah yeah yeah

    Me have the stash inna the back weh prettier than Mona Lisa
    Fresh up out the freezer, love it when it keep so
    Any politician say a coulda Hanna Lisa
    Slave owner law, come tell me you nuh see it so
    Get up out you seat and do something for the people
    Plan up and them gang up fi do wrong under the steeple
    Mineral me creep to, strictly river water
    Stash it in a charter fi bun it with me father
    Him give weh the brawta nothing no change at all
    Him tell me from the start so me know da world ya small
    I can remember the days of Taylor Hall
    Me, him and Damion Crawford, dem time the chalice used to

    Jah9 say a steam, she put no fire to her green
    Shell pon top of gritty as we sip it and agree
    Say these trees, at least, no come from overseas
    Unlike them food them carry in weh full up a disease
    Take a breeze, take a seat, take a piece
    Deh beside the general but you can sit at ease
    Make some memories and forget some memories
    With family and friends and the friends a the family we

  • Protoje - Ancient Future Documentary

    Protoje breaks down the history and process behind the making of the Ancient Future album. Check it out!

  • Protoje - Ancient Future (2015)

    Protoje says:" I am very pleased to announce the release of my 3rd album Ancient Future.  I hope you enjoy listening to this album half as much as we enjoyed playing it for you!  Tell a friend to tell a friend!" Ancient Future is now available on all major digital markets such as itunes. http://bit.ly/ancientfuture

  • Protoje - All Will Have To Change (2015)

    Protoje's 6th release from his #1 reggae album, Ancient Future, released worldwide on March 10th! Purchase the album here: www.bit.ly/ancientfuture 


    Purchase the album here: www.bit.ly/ancientfuture
    Follow @protojeProduced by: Winta James



    Protoje - All Will Have To Change (2015)

    I say we all will have to change
    In each his own way
    Only Jah can judge a man
    And so i gotta do my own thang

    I said I'm at the Reins
    Steering it like how i said it woulda been
    Cant overstand say the ones who shoulda friends
    dem woulda pretend you and dem no good again
    Wadada Deng but that no matter on ya
    Evil a scatter when me satta massagana
    Nah follow back a none a dem who woulda want you
    take it to the top but if you drop dem woulda scorn you
    but sure as the leaves shall fall from trees
    I assure babylon shall fall to knees
    overstand everyone you can't go please
    so from you blessed don't be stressed go your own way

    You shoulda seen me in my room
    Mic stand it was a broom
    Nine years old with a vision and a tool
    now the camera dem a zoom with the flash that coulda blind
    Darkness it brings flash back inna me mind
    Now I'm back upon the grind something like you've never seen
    Fresh up out the cage now i switching up the team
    tidy up the house spic and span it till it clean
    life lessons learned let me tell you what i mean
    Let no amount of money come between we
    that was said evidently they never feel me
    So when they show you who they are better believe it
    And saw my friends start drifting away

    I keep hear a revolution time
    but me want fi hear some evolution of mind
    tired fi hear bout all the doctrine
    Cause no matter what them say me say the clock still spin
    and though we all try to hold on
    even though letting go wouldn't be so wrong
    then you will find out life goes on
    facing all that you doubt is what makes you strong

  • Popcaan "Love Yuh Bad" OFFICIAL NEW VIDEO!

    "Where We Come From" is the debut album from Jamaican superstar Popcaan. Executive produced by Dre Skull and featuring productions from Dre Skull, Dubbel Dutch, Jamie Roberts, Anju Blaxx and Adde Instrumentals, Popcaan's first full length offering sees his signature melodies and uplifting tones on thirteen original tracks. As musicologist Wayne Marshall writes in his essay on the album:

    "Where We Come From" gives voice, as the best reggae does, to the contradictions of life in a society rife with inequities and yet so rich. Whether odes to the ghetto or the good life, Popcaan's lyrics bring realist portraits and utopian visions into dynamic tension. Songs about struggle and sex and happiness occupy the same space because they do. And whatever the topic, Popcaan's infectious positivity comes through.

    Directed by Nile Saulter
    Produced by Carleene Samuels
    Creative Direction by Susannah Webb


    "Love Yuh Bad" is produced by Dre Skull.
  • Popcaan - Unruly Prayer (Official Video 2015)

    Burning Up the airwaves & the Streets, here is the new single from billboard charting Popcaan "Unruly Prayer". Produced By Dinearo for Unruly Entertainment, the video is directed By RD Studios with cameo from Grammy Award Winner Drake and the OVO Crew. @popcaanmusic @dinearo @rdstudios @jwonder21


    Popcaan - Unruly Prayer (Official Video 2015)

  • Popcaan - Mama Pray Fa Me (Young Vibez 2015)

    Popcaanteamed up recently with Young Vibez Productionsand recorded "Mama Pray Fa Me",He ask for his Mama's prayers to protect him from badmind, haters, and negative people. Popcaan is known for previous hits like "Party Shot, Raving, Summertime, and Only Man She Want".






  • Perfect Giddimani - Skeleton Ina Yuh Closet - Flash Hit Records

    Perfect Giddimani "Skeleton ina Yuh Closet"is produced by Flash Hit Records and mixed by Manudigital. Flash Hit Records says:" Brand New tune !!
    Flash Hit Records has combined with hit maker Perfect Giddimani to create this thought provoking single "Skeleton Inna Yuh Closet" featured on the re-lick Pretty Looks Riddim,a catchy melody on any popular vintage riddim is always a plus...Check it out on Souncloud now!"


    Produced by Flash Hit Records


  • Orisha Sound ft Sizzla Kalonji - "Embrace It Remix" (Official Video 2015)

    Orisha Sound and Sizzla Kalonji collaborate on a new track - "EMBRACE IT (remix)" and just released a brand new video for the song. "Embrace It (remix)" was produced by Jamaican producer Shel-K Williams and Russian DJ Ryan Otter. This track is a powerful fusion of reggae/dancehall and EDM styles.

  • One Hour with Christopher Martin

    "One Hour with" offers to all the reggae lovers sixty minutes of selected tunes from Christopher Martin,  one of the the most interesting artists in the reggae scene today.

  • OMI - Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) [Official Video 2015]

    Insightful Jamaican artist Omi (Omar Samuel Pasley) is bringing his breakthrough story to the U.S., with the compelling sheen of “Cheerleader,” leading the way. The smash dance song has notched more than 90 million Spotify streams, topping iTunes in 14 territories, including Germany, Australia, Sweden and others (Top 10 in nearly 30 other markets). Released in 2012, a cleverly understated remix by German DJ/Producer Felix Jaehn helped power the global momentum building around the infectious track.

    “Cheerleader” originally took off in Hawaii, but Omi was getting a larger sense of the song’s ‘stickiness’ where ever he performed it live. “People just gravitated to it, always remarking how it was their favorite.” Felix Jaehn’s 2014 remix added to the combustible nature of the track,” but by deftly imbuing acoustic gestures into the mix – conga, piano, trumpet – embellishing its unornamented feel. “I loved the mix even before it took off,” says Omi. “So calm; And unusual for a remix, it made you want to listen to the words, too.”

    from Ultra Music

    Director: Lenny Bass
    Exec Producer: Mikha Grumet
    Producer: Carolina Nunez
    Director of Photography: Angel Barroeta
    Production Company: Indigo Films


  • New! Romain Virgo - Star Across The Sky

    Star Across The Sky is the brand new videoclip from Romain Virgo, one of the best Jamaican singer today. Produced by the legendary Sly Dumbar and Robert Shakespeare aka Sly & Robbie, Star Across The Sky is now available on Romain Virgo Official YouTube channel. Enjoy this beautiful song!


    Video Directed by Dameon Gayle
    Vikings Production
    IG: @realromainvirgo