Fido Guido

Guido De Vincentis becomes Fido Guido when at only 12 years old enters in the S.F.C. Band, the biggest hard core punk band of Taranto, his mother town, playing guitar until 2003. SFC takes him on several international stages. But, his town it not a easy territory especially for a rebel indipendent label and the contraddictions of Taranto become the most important element of his music. After years in the HC world. growing as activist in the social struggle, he met on 2003 Bombhead (leader of the hystorical south italy sound system). Whit his support, FG delivery his first roots album "padrun e sott" capturing the attention of the italian media and some of the songs become hit as "vastase" featuring ModdiMc, "pampana pampana" and "mena dj" featuring the veteran papa ricky. The success of the album borns the label zuingo communication that produces, from 2005 until nowadays, 7 albums and several italian artists as zuli and tunaman and coproduces with don ciccio he first Mama Marjas' s album. On 2006 is out "terra di conquista" where almost all the riddims are played by FG showing his quality as producer opening to him the doors of the main italian radios. It is this the moment when FG starts to fly high and his agenda has got overbooked between showcases and lives all over around Italy collecting also important stages as Paris, Koln, London and several important european reggae festivals in Italy as in Spain. On 2009 it is the time of the album "Sulla strada". it is a collection of all the singles he realized in combination with macro marco, erba pipa, treble, gioman establishing himself as the prolific and versatile artist impossible to classify in only one genre. 2009 signs also the beginning of his collaboration with Bizzarri Rec. Label, pushing his music on the overseas radios. the dialect of his motherland he uses to sing his songs reachs Costa Rica, Brasil, Nigeria and some european countries. Singing in his dialect is his way to scream to the world his anger against the instituitions that have no respect for his motherland and the its suffering people. He start to work for Bizzarri record in 2010 recordin new singles for the label, as Youthman, You nuh seeit, see you tomorrow, and of course the most popular "i never" that sign the ability of the singer to use two different languages. This permitted to him to work also with one of the UK lovers rock mentor Anthony Brightly who produced "endless love" in a classic lovers rock style. So, in 2012 arrive the momemt for him 4th work named "Realtà e cultura", him most mature work, in wich he describe a naked hard reality and the bad situations that the youths must live in this time. A shiny album with coloured sounds (most of the riddims are produced by a young artist called Mulino) that show how Zuingo became ready and able to sing pon different styles, djing and singin continually tune after tune with costant energy, conciouss lyrics and powerful words. In december a collection of riddims made by him in his "zuingo studio" come out with the title of "just a bunch of riddims 2004-2012", in january 2013 he spread out him new, first instrumental album "screams from iron city" hostin Prof. Dati as dub master. In february 2013 the english debut album "one world one love one struggle"for Bizzarri Record signs for him a prolific period, collaboratin with international artists like GMac from judgment yard, Lion D and Rivah Jordan. Recently the collab with Gmac is gettin very prolific and the chune "fire red" (dee buzz muzik) recorded in jamaica in march 2014 have had a good impact all over the world Fido never stop him work at Zuingo Studio and soon he will spread out some new hit and the new album "cangiane le timbe" in him native language will be out in dicember.... stay tuned!

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