• Stephen Marley + Capleton + Sizzla = Rock Stone!

    Ritorno in grande stile per Stephen Marley. Rock Stone è la big combo con Capleton e Sizzla che precede l’uscita di Revelation Part II: The Fruit of Life, il nuovo lavoro di Mr Marley. Rock Stone inizia con Stephen che cita alcuni versi dell’immortale Talkin Blues di Marley padre. In cinque minuti si passa dal reggae al ragga di Capleton e Sizzla, per terminare in un esposivo finale dubstep. Rock Stone emoziona e fan ben sperare per il suo nuovo album, vi linkiamo il videoclip della song sul canale ufficiale di Stephen Marley. Listen!



    Rock Stone (lyrics)

    (Verse 1)

    Rock stone was my builder couldn’t find place fi sleep

    Pop dem head wi haffi find food fi eat

    Everyday wi terrorize by soldier and police

    When the thing dem a drum and thing dem a beat

    From dem a play cow boy, and Indian, and Chief

    From the first, to the third, straight up to seven street

    One thing in a wi mind a fi jump wid the beat

    And meck it in a life, and inherit, and delete


    Better the stone dem deh yah

    Self employ, cannot get lay off

    Mount a work mi have cant even get a day off

    Who did waan fi stop mi now dem find out seh dem way off

    Alright and mi seh one by one, one by one

    One by one wi stepping out a babylon


    Then one by one, one by one

    Hail King Selassie High the cankering lion


    (Listen Chorus)


    (Verse 2)

    Help us now

    Take us from the slum

    Never keep a bottle while strictly fire burn

    Tare us down, take us from the slum

    Never keep on matter while king Selassie High blessing come

    Sufferation is thing could be no harder time

    Got to wise in your views caw they broader your mind

    Watch the voice in the ghetto now where else can you find

    Hunger, Poverty, a teach dem so unkind

    As a matter a fact, there is a after shock

    When the ground was my bed and my pillow was a rock

    Try to make it through the system all the doors were lock

    Yea nothing beat a…..so I ain’t go stop

    Mount a time they write a book on yo

    Or set another crock they would a put on yuh

    Yet when yuh in to dept they wouldn’t look on yuh

    They would only stand and wanna wipe the foot on yuh


    Mi nah lie, true mi hail King Selassie High dem waan fi war I

    Read mi bible through the week and praise the fari

    Good bye babylon good bye, good bye

    Open door, zion door

    Mount zion Ethiopia for sure

    Children of Israel, children of Israel

  • Stephen Marley - Ghetto Boy ft. Bounty Killer, Cobra (Official Video)

    The OFFICIAL video for Stephen "Ragga" Marley's new track "Ghetto Boy" featuring Jamaican dancehall stars Bounty Killer and Cobra. Directed by Shaun Escayg and shot in Jamaica, Stephen's message aims to #BreakTheCycle and address gun violence with today's youth. "GHETTO BOY" will be featured on Stephen's upcoming album Revelation Part II: The Fruit Of Life, due later this year on his label Ghetto Youths International. 

    Stephen Marley - Ghetto Boy ft. Bounty Killer, Cobra  (Official Video)

    NOW available now on iTunes: http://apple.co/1Kl8M1c

  • Stephen "Ragga" Marley - Ghetto Boy Feat. Bounty Killer & Cobra (2015)

    Stephen "Ragga" MarleyDrops New Track "Ghetto Boy" feat. Bounty Killer & Cobra.Single will be available on iTunes on May 26, 2015. #BreakTheCycle


    Stephen "Ragga" Marley - Ghetto Boy Feat. Bounty Killer & Cobra (2015)

    Released by:
    Ghetto Youths International
    Release date:
    23 May 2015


  • Reggae Singles Vol.6

    Reggae Singles vol.6 starts with Rock Stone, the masterpiece from Stephen Ragga Marley, featuring the legendries Sizzla & Capleton

  • MORGAN HERITAGE Announce “Catch A Fire” Tour With Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, And Tarrus Riley

    Morgan Heritage, The Royal Family of Reggae, have just announced their upcoming “Catch A Fire” Tour” with Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, and Tarrus Riley, along with special guests, Jo Mersa Marley and Black Am I. The tour will kick off August 29th in Philly and wrap up September 27th in LA.

    Both the Morgan and Marley reggae dynasties are thrilled to finally be on tour together. "The Marley's and Morgan's are more than just childhood friends. We are both 2nd generation musicians carrying on our father's legacies. The Catch A Fire tour is a historic moment for both families because as family our bond goes beyond blood, it's etched into our souls with the fire. We always spoke of the day when Marley and Morgan would tour together sharing the same stage night in and night out. Well now the time has come and we could not be more joyful to see this dream become a reality."

  • Dancehall Mix 2014

    Mattia, il one-man-army di Warriorsound International, nonché uno dei top soundsystem tedeschi...

  • Damian Stephen & Julian Marley - Ghetto Youths International Presents Set up Shop Vol. 2

    Ghetto Youths International, the record label owned and operated by Bob Marley's sons Damian, Julian and Stephen, will release the brand new compilation Ghetto Youths International Presents Set Up Shop Volume 2 on December 23, 2014. The 15-track compilation follows Volume 1 that was released in February 2013 and peaked at #1 on U.S. Billboard Reggae Album chart.

    The latest installment is produced primarily by the Grammy-winning brothers Stephen and Damian Marley. The album features new material from the entire Ghetto Youths roster, including Jo Mersa, Black-Am-I, Christopher Ellis, Wayne Marshall and the label's founders, along with dancehall artist Cham.

    The compilation's lead single Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley's "Is It Worth It? (Gunman World)", which contemplates a killer's conscience, will be accompanied by short film music video directed by acclaimed visionary Nabil Elderkin (Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Frank Ocean, Bon Iver and Seal). Set in Morocco, actor Saai Taghmaoui (American Hustle, La Haine and Three Kings) takes on the role of a hitman-for-hire in Elderkin's latest visual opus.

    In addition to "Is It Worth It? (Gunman World)," Ghetto Youths International Presents Set Up Shop Volume 2 features a variety of thought-provoking material. Damian's motivational opener "Hard Work" is lauded as "a pulsing blueprint for flipping funds" according to The FADER, while his collaborative effort "The Living Breed" featuring Black-Am-I, Jo Mersa, Illestr8 & Biggz General rallies for social change, boasting a powerful hook stating "we are the last of dying breed and the first of a new generation..."

    Dancehall's multi-faceted singjay Wayne Marshall talks about life choices on "On The Corner" (inspired by REM's "Losing My Religion") and proclaims to "Nah Give Up" on his single featuring Tarrus Riley. Carrying a similar sentiment, Julian Marley alongside Junior Reid encourages to push forward when times are tough on the uplifting anthem "Never Too Ruff", while the culturally-driven singer Black-Am-I contemplates the beauty and struggle of life back home on "In The Ghetto".

    Christopher Ellis, the son of Jamaican music icon Alton Ellis, "takes classic rocksteady/first wave reggae and gives it a new look" (Vice Noisey) on "Roller Coaster" and gives a fresh take on "Better Than Love" with the remix featuring Irie Love. Jo Mersa (the eldest son Stephen Marley and grandson of Bob Marley) represents a new generation too with his contemporary sound that blends dancehall, pop, and EDM - evident on "Sunshine" and the hypnotic "Rock and Swing".

    The set also features dancehall artist Cham showing how he rolls on "Sh@t" and Stephen "Ragga" Marley's hard-hitting anthem "Bongo Nyah" with Damian and Spragga Benz. Then, Stephen and Damian team up again on the mesmerizing track "Strike Hard".

    With poignant lyrics matched with top-notch modern production, the genre-bending compilation is sure to reach reggae's core contingent along with a new generation of fans.


    1. Hard Work - Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
    2. The Living Breed - Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Black-Am-I, Biggz General, Jo Mersa & Illestr8
    3. On The Corner - Wayne Marshall
    4. Roller Coaster - Christopher Ellis
    5. Bongo Nyah - Stephen "Ragga" Marley feat. Spragga Benz & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley,
    6. Is It Worth It? (Gunman World) - Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
    7. In The Ghetto - Black-Am-I
    8. Sunshine - Jo Mersa [WATCH VIDEO]
    9. Better Than Love Remix - Christopher Ellis feat. Irie Love
    10. Never Too Ruff - Julian Marley & Junior Reid
    11. Rock and Swing - Jo Mersa
    12. Sh@t - Cham
    13. Strike Hard - Stephen "Ragga" Marley & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
    14. Nah Give Up - Wayne Marshall feat. Tarrus Riley
    15. Dwelling - Black-Am-I