Africa Unite - Il Punto di Partenza (2015)

Tuesday 21st April is the release date of “Il Punto di Partenza”, Africa Unite's latest album, completely self penned and  produced. Both  the words and the music are a deep analysis of the bizarre times in which we live, full of contradictions confusion and major upsets. Consequently the band found the need  to state their personal point of view on the subject, as clearly and coherently as possible.

“Il Punto di Partenza” bring to a closure an extraordinary story; for this reason the album will be given away  for free, from the band's website, a free download available to all. It's hoped, in this way, to encourage and favour the live concert. A unique and unrepeatable moment, which has always enableds the band to express  fully their power and potential.

The band's  upbeat reggae sound follows the many directions which have alway been characteristic of Africa Unite's unique style. Completed and filled out with the collaborative sound of the “Architorti” orchestra  together with several featured artists from the young Italian reggae scene, such as  Raphael and More No Limiz.
Music then. Of which  “Punto di partenza” is filled. Opening with the tense and  eclectic “Pure Music Today” right up to the heavy dub of the  closing track “Cyclop”. In between comes their typical style and capability of (re)interpreting suggestive upbeat reggae.The desire to have an “open ended” incisive approach, far from any standardised “ready-made”. Formula, always filled with the “critical breath” that – as they sing in  “E' sempre stata lì” - helps to liberate passions, and to  “show your courage and prove who you are”. 

Eleven powerful tracks, involving and cutting edge when necessary (“L'esercito con gli occhiali a specchio”),  always knowledgeable (“I remember each moment/ of our journey”, in “Thanx And Praises”), with improvised  and classy references ( the classical music scores  in “L'attacco alla corda”, another exciting moment from the collaboration with the  Architorti Orchestra). A quotation from  Damir Ivic.

The release of the album “Il Punto di Partenza” will be preceded by the single “L’esercito con gli occhiali a specchio”, a free-form interpretation by Madaski  of a novel by Quit the Doner ( “Quititaly, l’Italia come non la raccontereste ai vostri figli”. 2014 Indiana Editore).
As a follow up to the album release  will be “Il Punto di Partenza Tour” (Production by  Andrea Pieroni and  Massimo Levantini for Live Nation ) which will see the band in a series of live shows  throughout Italy.



01.PURE MUSIC, TODAY feat. Raphael  (V. Bonino, F.Caudullo, R.Nkereuwem)
02.RIFLESSIONI (V. Bonino, F. Caudullo)
03.LA TEORIA (V. Bonino, F. Caudullo)
04.L’ATTACCO AL TASTO (V. Bonino, F. Caudullo)
05.L’ATTACCO ALLA CORDA, ARCHITORTI Version (M. Robino, M. Gentile)
06.L’ESERCITO CON GLI OCCHIALI A SPECCHIO feat. More No Limiz (V. Bonino, F. Caudullo, M.Turi, D. Rielli)
07.RITRATTI (V. Bonino, F. Caudullo)
08.THANX AND PRAISES  (V. Bonino, F. Caudullo)
09.IL VOLO (V. Bonino, F. Caudullo)
10.E’ SEMPRE STATA LI’ (V. Bonino, F. Caudullo)
11.CYCLOP feat ARCHITORTI (F. Caudullo, M.Robino, M.Gentile)  

Get the free download as of Tuesday 21st APRIL


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Africa Unite

Africa Unite

Since  1981 right up until now Africa Unite have been proposing their upbeat electronic reggae, dub sound. As such they are the most mature  representatives of reggae music  in Italy. They've walked the boards throughout the peninsula  constantly and given it there all in over  2000 gigs. Playing at various overseas festivals they have become well  know in international reggae circles. 16 published albums (two of which being live), a “best of” and a dub version compilation (released by the German  Echobeach), beginning with small indipentent labels and eventually being picked up by the majors (Polygram/Mercury and  then Universal),working with a mixture of very personal sounds and alternating between the use of English and Italian in the songs. Bunna and  Madaski, together now for over 34years , pulling the strings of this fantastic experience, always giving preference to coherance in their  experimentation, taking note of  all social themes and great care with musical styles  which together make  up the foundations  of their repertoire. Taking great care and attention with the production of their live gigs, extremely pragmatic and and direct , absolutely free from mystical/philosophical attitudes and clichés of the genre, getting straight to the point, communicating their style and their passion for music. These then  are Africa Unite's characteristics. And so we  arrive  at “Punto di Partenza’’  New album, feelings still the same,  but taking great care about the changes in the  way which newer generations are absorbing and enjoying music Above all else : free download: to favour and encourage the live concert so unique and unrepeatable.That moment when Africa Unite,always , show their full potential. With an additional gift to their fans, a physical copy of the CD ( included in the ticket price) for those who come to the very first two shows. In short, a 2015 is a year full of live gigs for the band which now includes a new line up including, the return of the brass section, which makes the band  a nine piece. Straight from the stage then!