• Suns Of Dub Meets Mighty Crown (Far East Mixtape 2015)

    An exclusive showcase featuring specials, dubs, unreleased & released tracks from the catalog of Suns of Dub w/ Mighty Crown exclusive cuts & plates. This 40 Track fusion of Dub, Reggae, Roots, Dancehall, Drum & Bass, Edm, Rockers, Hip Hop & more is mixed by Mighty Crown with over 75mins of Music, its the fitting follow up to 2013 Major Lazer x Suns of Dub Mixtape.

  • Sud Sound System - Man In Pasta - brand new videoclip!

    Sud Sound System have released a new videoclip from their latest album called "Sta Tornu". The name of this song is "Man in pasta" , a great song against corruption, check it out!


  • Stylo G - Lion Eye - new single out now!

    Brand new single for Stylo G, produced by Adde Instrumentals...check it Lion Eye...enjoy!

  • Stephen Marley - Ghetto Boy ft. Bounty Killer, Cobra (Official Video)

    The OFFICIAL video for Stephen "Ragga" Marley's new track "Ghetto Boy" featuring Jamaican dancehall stars Bounty Killer and Cobra. Directed by Shaun Escayg and shot in Jamaica, Stephen's message aims to #BreakTheCycle and address gun violence with today's youth. "GHETTO BOY" will be featured on Stephen's upcoming album Revelation Part II: The Fruit Of Life, due later this year on his label Ghetto Youths International. 

    Stephen Marley - Ghetto Boy ft. Bounty Killer, Cobra  (Official Video)

    NOW available now on iTunes: http://apple.co/1Kl8M1c

  • Stephen "Ragga" Marley - Ghetto Boy Feat. Bounty Killer & Cobra (2015)

    Stephen "Ragga" MarleyDrops New Track "Ghetto Boy" feat. Bounty Killer & Cobra.Single will be available on iTunes on May 26, 2015. #BreakTheCycle


    Stephen "Ragga" Marley - Ghetto Boy Feat. Bounty Killer & Cobra (2015)

    Released by:
    Ghetto Youths International
    Release date:
    23 May 2015


  • Steel Pulse - Put Your Hoodies On [4 Trayvon] (3rd Anniversary Edition) (Official Video)

    Steel Pulse originally released this track and music video on the second anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, which occurred on February 26, 2012, in Sanford, FL. This is an updated version released to mark the third anniversary of his slaying. Gone, but not forgotten.

    This song marks the first official contribution to a Steel Pulse studio track by Baruch Hinds, son of Steel Pulse lead singer David Hinds. Shot on location at the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, and in Sanford, Florida.


    Directed by Yonathan Gal // Cinematographer: Trishul Thejasvi // Editor: Rory Gordon // 1st AC: Raul Rivero // Camera Assistants: David Revenkov & Brandon Gordon

    Special Thanks to Amlak Tafari and Dr. Dread.


  • Steel Pulse - Hands Up - I Can't Breathe - NEW ROOTS SONG!

    Steel Pulse - Hands Up - I Can't Breathe - Brand New roots song! Listen now!



  • SOJA - Easier ft. J Boog & Anuhea - New Video!

    SOJA "Easier"is the brand new videoclip from SOJA featuring J Boog & Anuhea, from the new album “Amid the Noise and Haste”. Enjoy!



    Co-Directed: Adam Leeman & Jon Jon Augustavo
    Co-DP: Edward Tran & Jon Jon Augustavo


    Purchase the album on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/SOJAiTunes
    Purchase the CD/Gold Vinyl at Amazon: http://smarturl.it/SOJAAmid_AMZLP


  • Skip Marley - Cry to Me (Tuff Gong International 2015)

    “Music is freedom for me," says Skip Marley, the grand-nephew of Marcia Griffiths, and the grandson of Bob and Rita Marley. "I want people to just feel the music and let it be anything they want to make of it.” He wrote and arranged his debut single on Tuff Gong International, which was co-produced with Paul Fakhourie, who has worked with the likes of Lauryn Hill, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley and Nas. “Cry to Me’ is a message for this girl I know, well really a message for everybody who seems to focus on their insecurities… I’m just saying it’s cool to be who you are. Don’t let society deceive you and make you believe you’re not enough.”(boomshot.com)



    Tuff Gong International 2015

  • Skip Marley - Cry To Me (Official Video 2015)

    Soon to be known simply as “Skip,” Skip Marley is the son of Cedella Marley, grandson of Bob and Rita Marley and grand-nephew of Marcia Griffiths. “Cry To Me,” his debut single for Tuff Gong International, was written and arranged by Skip himself, and co-produced by Skip with Paul Fakhourie (Lauryn Hill, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley, Nas).

    Skip Marley - Cry To Me (Official Video 2015)


  • Sizzla - Think Positive (Banx & Ranx 2015)

    Special Delivery Music presents this brand new tune by Sizzla! "Think Positive" is produced by Banx & Ranx...enjoy it and think positive!


    Sizzla - Think Positive (Prod. By Banx & Ranx)


  • Sizzla - Children Of The World (EP 2015)

    Renowned for his strong views and opinions, Grammy nominated international reggae star Sizzla softer side resides in his fierce crusade of children. The outspoken recording star recently stated while on stage performing "We gotta protect the children some more. Too much rapist and child molester deh a road,". Distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital, and produced by I Strong Records, his latest EP "Children Of The World" features the singles "Speech", "Repatriation", "Children Of The World", "Fashion & Style", "Child of the World (Acoustic)" and "Youth Nowadays" featuring Kappo Isrel and is now available on itunes. #iTunes @istrongtemple

  • Sizzla - "I'm Living" [Official Video 2015] - BRAND NEW!

    'I'm Living' is the stunning first single from the Sizzla album 'Born A King', produced by Mista Savona. With its soulful and uplifting lyrics, Sizzla delivers a bonafide roots reggae anthem that reflects goodwill towards all humankind, as well as being a passionate call for social justice globally.

    Sizzla's "I'm Living", Pincher's "Guide Me Oh Jah" and the acoustic mix of "I'm Living" are now available on vinyl. More versions on this riddim (including Burro Banton, Cornel Campbell, Prince Alla & Ilements) and remixes from Stickybuds, Gaudi, Ed Solo, B.R.E.E.D, Mista Savona, 3rdeye & more are available here:

    "I'm Living" (The Versions & Remixes EP):

    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/im-...
    Addictech: http://www.addictech.com/p/151869
    Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/im-li...
    Mista Savona: http://mistasavona.com/ (click on 'Store' or 'Music Room' - WAV formats)

    FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/mistasavona
    MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/mistasavona




    "Emperor Selassie I, Jah

    I'm living, for the sick and the poor
    The hungry and the shelterless, sleeping on the floor
    I'm giving, all I've got and more
    I know Jah will bless me and open up the doors
    I'm living, for the young and the old
    The blind and the deaf, and the dumb ones you know
    I'm giving, Jah Jah love, to all of the
    Beautiful people of the world

    Governments coming with the same damn thing,
    Million year, trillion years, 'aint doing one thing
    Children, listen when the Rastaman sing -
    No matter the destruction, gwaan praise the King
    Warn them and tell them there is right over wrong
    Mr President , why is it you make the bombs?
    Everyday is weapons of mass destruction
    Seems like they got no love for anyone

    I'm living, for the sick and the poor
    The hungry and the shelterless, sleeping on the floor
    I'm giving, what I've got and more
    'Cause I know the Most High will bless me for sure
    I'm living, for the young and the old
    The blind and the deaf, and the dumb ones you know
    I'm giving, Jah Jah love, to all those
    Beautiful people of the world

    Don't you worry all my people,
    Cause Rasta never leave you
    Babylon try to deceive you
    Africa with open arms will receive you
    Although, the sufferation hard, well listen -
    We're doing it for a cause
    Sometime though I've no food in the yard
    Journey me haffi step towards

    I'm living, I'm living
    I'm giving, whoa whoa oh whoa oh ay ay

    Seems no one care for them
    But Jah is there for them
    And I'm here for them
    Jah love I declare for them
    Stretch a helping hand to the youth
    You can only lead them with the truth
    Don't you hear them crying?
    Don't you see them dying?

    I'm living, for the sick and the poor
    The hungry and the shelterless, sleeping on the floor
    I'm giving, all I've got and more
    I know Jah will bless me and open up the doors
    I'm living, for the young and the old
    The blind and the deaf, and the dumb ones you know
    I'm giving all I've got and more.
    Most High will open up the doors

    Hey, yeh Savona, Kalonji
    It's beautiful
    Taking it to the world, whoa
    Jah is always there..."


  • Shaggy ft. Chronixx - Bridges (2015)

    Music video by Shaggy alongside Chronixx performing Bridges...share the vibes!

    Shaggy ft. Chronixx - Bridges (2015)


    A bet you wish you never burn that bridge
    Oh no cause now your like the crosses

    I bet you wish you never burn that bridge
    Oh no cause now your like the crosses

    I bet you wish you never burn that bridge
    Oh no cause now you like the crosses

    I bet you wish you never burn that bridge
    Oh no cause now your like the crosses

    (Verse 1)
    Climbing up the ladder you better watch your steps
    Watch how you a flex and watch the moves you meck
    Careful of the people you disrespect
    Dem wi rosicrucian man nah tek no check
    Cause when you coming down they might not wanna treat you right
    And when you coming down that’s when you gonna get the fight
    And now your wishing that you were a little more polite
    And now the table turn and everything a come to light

    (Repeat Chorus)

    (Verse 2)
    It’s no coincident the people you meet
    You haffi careful how you move in the street
    The same man you pass when you going up
    When you coming down, him a laugh and a grin him teeth
    Grandma say today for you, tomorrow for me
    That’s when you have to face your real sorrows for real
    I know you wish you never burn your bridges
    But who cyaa hear haffi feel
    A cyaa believe yo burn it, yo burn it, a weh you a go walk
    When you haffi cross the river in a dark
    You burn it, you burn all your bridges in the pass
    Now your future lead you to the same path

    (Repeat Chorus)

  • Sevana - Bit Too Shy (Official Video 2015)

    Music video by Sevana performing Bit Too Shy (Official Music Video). Bit Too Shy is the first official video from Sevana (@SevanaSiren). Check it out!

    Sevana - Bit Too Shy (Official Video 2015)

  • Sara Lugo feat. Protoje - Really Like You [Official Video 2014]

    Brand new videoclip for Sara Lugo ft. Protoje taken from the album  "Hit Me With Music", Shot in Kingston Jamaica at Lifeyar. Watch now!


    Dir : Jay Will (Game Over)
    Director of Photographie & Editor : Benjamin Zecher
    Music: Silly Walks Discotheque
    Mix: Jr.Blender & Umberto Echo
    Label: Oneness Records

    Video produced by Benjamin Zecher for Oneness Records 2014

    Silly Walks Discotheque
    http://sillywalksdisco.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/sillywalksdisco


  • Romain Virgo - Stay With Me for 1Xtra in Jamaica

    Romain Virgo performs Stay With Me for 1Xtra in Jamaica. Watch now!

















  • Romain Virgo - Lifted (VP Records 2015)

    Check out the brand new EP "Lifted" from Romain Virgo which debuted at the number three position behind Bob Marley on the iTunes reggae chart.

    The 25-year-old Jamaican singer-songwriter Romain Virgo returns with a brand new EP Lifted on VP Records. Virgo unveils hope behind darkness on this concsious 8-song set filled with social commentary.

    He holds strong with "God Inna Mi Corner" and weeds out fake friends on "Fade Away" featuring dancehall artist Assassin. While showcasing his dee-jay skills on the EDM-tinged reggae track "Badder Man," he reveals the gripping realities of a rudeboy and opts for a different way of life. "I don't mix up with da criminal dem, me a gwan stick to mi gal dem. I don't care who a buss this, who a buss that, me don't want no strap," as he sings in the song's closing lyrics.

    To pay homage to his ladies, Virgo then offers a few ballads on his EP - including his latest romancer "Stars Across The Sky," his Sam Smith cover of "Stay With Me" (which recieved over 2.4 mil YouTube views for its accompanying visual) and " Soul Provider" (racking in nearly 4 mil YouTube video views). This will give listeners a feel of his 2016 album entitled Love Sick (VP Records), which is a heartfelt collection mostly comprised of love songs.

    Lifted follows his critically acclaimed 2012 album The System, which was described as "striking" (Washington Post), "high-quality" (BBC) and "smooth and engaging" (New York Times). Billboard also proclaimed he has "empowering messages over misogynistic and violent lyrics, intricately textured one-drop rhythms instead of frenetic digital beats" and he has "found an appreciative, multi-generational audience."

  • Romain Virgo - God Inna Me Corner (Official Video 2015)

    Music video by Romain Virgo performing God Inna Me Corner (Official Music Video). ©: Dawg House Productions / Vikings Productions. Check it out!

    Romain Virgo - God Inna Me Corner (Official Video 2015)

  • Richie Stephens & the Ska Nation Band - Internationally (Pot Of Gold & Adriatic Sound 2016)

    Richie Stephens has announced his collaboration with a nine-man ska ensemble. Stephens told The Gleaner the band comprises bass, guitar, keyboard, trumpet, saxophone and trombone players, two backing vocalists and a DJ. All the members were born and currently live in Salento, southern Italy. "I met the band at a festival in Italy last year after a performance. We both did ska in our set on stage and did very well. That's how the idea came about," he said. (Jamaica, Gleaner)

    The unstoppeble grammy award jamaican singer and producers Richie Stephens start a great collaboration with the italian reggae singer and producers duo Rankin Lele and Papa Leo, to create a new musical project named Richie Stephens and the Ska Nation Band, between 2015 2016.

    “Richie Stephens & SkaNation Band is Jamaica and Italy comin toghether in the mighty name of Ska”

    With his captivating voice and a sound that exhibits his passion from every note, Richie Stephens and SkaNation Band will release their new studio album "Internationally", April 15th (Pot of Gold, Adriatic Sound/Zojak Worldwide). 

    The 14-track album available for pre-order today  March 29th is a tribute to Ska. Richie Stephens and the SkaNation band (based out of Italy), came together to create a masterpiece, which listeners can appreciate and become educated at the same time. The album starts with a single title 'Foundation', which mentions some of the Ska greats and states that 'Ska a the original sound, Jamaica's first big music".

    "I truly think ska music should be preserved and respected by us as Jamaican people for being our first international music" says Richie Stephens.

    Connecting with the Skanation band, whose name was given to them by Richie Stephens, while in Italy last summer at the Casalabate Festival, the creative bond was instant. The single 'Kingston Salento' shows the connection and love for ska on a global level. With half of the album being completed in Italy and half the album completed in Jamaica, 'Internationally' is also symbolic of the passion and impact ska music have on a broader spectrum.

    "Ska music is far more loved and respected over seas than in my own country Jamaica" says Richie Stephens.  The album 'Internationally' follows a theme  genre of Ska and gives listeners an ability to dance as well.

    Throughout the album Richie Stephens and Skanation band embrace the musical magic of Ska. Bringing to life the message in the song like "Born To Be Great" feat. Sly & Robbie and still giving the listener a feeling of happiness as they sing and dance along. For many music lovers they may view Ska music as 'older reggae music', Richie Stephens and SkaNation band definitely changed that stereotype. With singles like "Original Style" feat. Sean Paul and Gentleman, "Internationally" feat. Sud Sound System or "Everybody Dance" (Remix) there is a youthful tone, which highlights the ability to blend age groups and still highlight the great arrangement and greatness of Ska.

    Working with some of reggae great musicians on this album like Cleveland "Clevie" Browne, Dean Fraser and Stephen 'Lenky' Marsden, Richie Stephens and SkaNation band created a great body of work. From the musical arrangements to the lyrics, "Internationally" definitely does the music and Ska lovers proud.

    "I would like every one to listen this album and realize that Ska music is a very serious genre that can stay on top if given the right opportunity like before" says Richie Stephens.