• Train To Roots - Step Up (Official Video)

    Train To Roots present a new advance of their next album: Step up, second single and video after Policegun, with a clear message claiming a better communication, face to face, incisive and  positive, that should be imposed on the defeatism that surrounds us.

    Step up is addressed to all the chatty mouth criticizing, judging and mocking people around them, without any ethical or moral issues, and invites them to step up without fears, envies or bad moods. Rootsman I, one of the lead singers and co-author of the song explains: “Talking to the people face to face is an utter imperative, without badmouthing or prejudices”.

    The song is a semi-digital production, in which the sound of the eighties productions is wisely mixed with the latest tendencies of the rhythmic groove.

    The video was recorded in Sardinia, among its beautiful cliffs and the alleys of Bosa, one of the most beautiful Italian villages. The simplicity of the video wants to underline the singers role, while the band walks along the streets in a sunny day and the result is a fresh summer video where, once again, they show off their beloved motherland.

    The single is available on INRI website and all the digital stores, among them iTunes

    Train To Roots - Step Up (Official Video)



  • Train To Roots - Policegun (Official Video 2015)

    There are stories that must be told, or sung. For Train To Roots some of these stories have the name of the Diaz school in Genova, of Stefano Cucchi, the surveyor who died in the hospital one week after his detention in Rome, and of Stefano Aldrovandi, whose death was the responsibility of four policemen that have been sentenced for unintentional excess legitimate use of weapons.
    It’s exactly two weeks after the historical decision of the European Court of Human Rights, that sentences Italy for torture during the raid of the Police at the Diaz school the night of July 21st, 2001, during G8 in Genova (Italy), that Train To Roots release a new single, Policegun, with a video. “A song that doesn’t mean to attack the police, we want to make a call: don’t lose your humanity, even wearing an uniform”, says Antonio Leardi, producer and musician of the band.
    During the shooting of the Policegun video, the artist Giuseppe Todde created a graffiti artwork of a face with characteristics both of Carlo Giuliani and Federico Aldrovandi. The work, that will remain visible, has been done in Serramanna (Sardinia, Italy), on the walls of the former Cantina Sociale (Community winery), in agreement between the band and the local authorities.
    Policegun is available on the INRI label website, and is the first single released form the new album, which is due at the end of the year and marks a return of the band to social and spiritual themes, to the roots, both on the musical and contents sides. In preparation for release of the new album, the band from Sardinia will be on tour in many European cities.

    Music: Leardi-Mulas-Pireddu
    Production: Antonio PapaN'tò Leardi
    Mastering: Filippo Mulas @ Cuba Rec Lab.
    Editing: Metatron srl/Curci
    Label: INRI
    Video director: Fabio Ortu



  • New Videoclip for Forelock!

    Forelock, the voice of the Sardinian band Arawak has published the music video of Young Messenjah, a one drop song that anticipates the release of his solo album on the 1st October. The production of the song is by DJ Afghan for the Soulove Records while the direction of the music video is by Diego Capomagi Barabba and Emilio Canu. The location chosen for the video is Portoferro beach in Sardinia.
    While we are waiting for the new album, here is the link of Young Messenjah from the official channel of the Soul Love Records. Big up Forelock!

    Forelock, voce della band sarda Arawak, pubblica il videoclip di Young Messenjah, una one drop song che anticipa l’uscita del suo album solista il prossimo 1 ottobre. La produzione del brano è stata affidata a Dj Afghan per l’etichetta Soulove Records, mentre la regia del videoclip è ad opera di Diego Capomagi Barabba e Emilio Canu. La location scelta è Portoferro Beach in Sardegna. Nell’attesa di poter ascoltare per intero il suo nuovo disco, vi linkiamo il videoclip di Young Messenjah sul canale ufficiale della Soul Love Records. Big up Forelock!