Noisey Jamaica II - Gee Jam Studios comes to Kingston - Episode 4/6

In this episode Walshy and the Noisey crew meet up with Island Records founder Chris Blackwell at his Strawberry Hill resort, and Walshy gets a visit from a gang of exciting new artists from Jon Baker's Gee Jam Studios. Meet Major Lazer-affiliated Mystic and then Koko, Prodi and Yawd Movement.


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The second edition of Noisey Jamaica is a look into the revolutionary new young reggae movement led by charismatic artists like Chronixx and Jesse Royal. Presented by Major Lazer's Walshy Fire and also featuring controversial new dancehall artists like Alkaline, Noisey Jamaica travels from downtown to the beaches to report on one of the most exciting periods in Jamaica's rich musical history, including a look at the influence of Vybz Kartel, currently incarcerated for murder.








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