Attila - You Neva Know Me (2015)

Attila, one of the most important artists in italian dancehall, is back. After a good number of EPs, finally the singer from Salento (one of Europe's most important reggae capitals) has released his debut album called “You Neva Know Me”, 16 tracks that truly showcases his many talents and how versatile his voice is.  All 16 tracks were produced by longtime partner Mighty Cez but that doesn't mean that it sounds all the same: dancehall, roots reggae and hip-hop are all thrown in the mix and the result is a cutting edge urban music record.
The first single to be released, back in 2014, was “Soundkiller” and it went so well that it was the signal that it was time for a full album.

“My Story” is the street single released the same day as the record, a journey into Attila's past through all the situations and people that have inspired him, sung in a Raggamuffin style. The record's biggest number is probably “Duh Road” a big tune with a big chorus all about the joys of bringing your music to the people on tour around the world.
Two other big songs on the cord are “Yuh Body Good”, that takes it's sound from dark trap hip-hop, and “Future” a political track with a stripped down arrangement. So many styles, so many ideas, so many tunes; but if you know Attila, that's what he is about.



About the Author



Deep blue eyes and a lot of undeniable talent: this is Attila (Davide Musca, 1986) one of Italy's most important and active voices of the italian dancehall and reggae. Musically he grew up in salento, Italy's most important reggae scene, but when he was 17 he moved to Milan so he could try and make his dream come true: make his voice known through all the most important soundsystems in Europe.
He became known as Pupiddhru thanks to his skills as an MC and a freestyler, but it when he started winning contests he changed his name to Attila. In 2009 he met Mighty Cez and a winning combination was born: they released “The EP” that contained to big hits, “Promises” and “Oh Mamma Mia!”.
Thanks to those singles they got to go around Europe and play with big name sound systems like Pow Pow, Heavy Hammer, Sentinel and Kalibandulu; but the reggae scene wasn't the only one to notice them. The italian hip-hop world started to get interested and Attila became part of the Roccia Music collective, founded by none other than Shablo and italian rapstar Marracash. He collaborated with Marracash on the very popular “Genesi” mixtape and with one of Italy's top producer's Deleterio on his album “Dadaismo”; he also released an EP called “#CULO” with italian duo Ackeejuice Rockers.
Attila sound is the sum of three things: the reggae traditions, the power of dancehall and hip-hop rhythms. In his frst album, “You Neva Know Me”, these three elements really come through; with it's 16 tracks, all produced by Mighty Cez, it sure to make a big impact on the reggae scene and maybe not only that.
“You Neva Know Me” will be out in digital stores from the 24th of February 2015.