• LION D VIDEO - Interview with Lion D - Reggae.Today (italiano)

    LION D VIDEO - Interview with Lion D - Reggae.Today (italiano)
    Interview by Gigi Piccolo and Angelo Tarantino


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  • Lion D - Ruff Inna Town - brand new song and videoclip!

    'Heartical Soul' is the new upcoming album that Lion D recorded in 2014 at the Shengen Studio in Jamaica produced by the international reggae artist Alborosie and "Ruff inna Town" is the second single and video. Check it out!




  • Lion D - Heartical Soul (2015)

    “HEARTICAL SOUL” the new and much awaited album of Lion D, italo-nigerian artist, rated as the revelation singer all over Europe reggae scene, will be available in all
    records shops and digital platforms as from Tuesday March 31st. The album will be out under the well known Bizzarri Records label and will be distributed by Self Distribution. One year ago Lion D left for Shengen Studio in Kingston, Jamaica where he spent several months working side by side with one of the most famous reggae producers in the world: Alborosie. “HEARTICAL SOUL” unites the talent of two excellent Italian artists who have combined their great passion for music and for reggae, creating an explosive cd with a very ‘Jamaican’ sound, made of twelve brand new tunes and of a dub version, too. The album is entirely produced by Alborosie, who, both took care of the artistic production and played drums, base, keyboards and guitars in almost all the songs and who involved in this project. Some of his best musicians: Tony Tarantino and Dave “Fitzroy” Green and Sid Gaetani of Bizzarri’s crew. A work paying tribute to Roots Reggae, moreover the presence of one of the great artists of world reggae scene as Ken Boothe can only strengthen this theory. Other artists featuring in “HEARTICAL SOUL” are Mr Vegas in “Jamrock Nice” and the outstanding voices of Kemar Williams and Sandy Smith in “Rude Bwoy Thing” and “Talk About Love”, next single to be released very soon. 'Heartical Luv', Ruff inna Town' and 'Blaze Up' are the first three singles anticipating the release of 'Heartical Soul', the new album due to be released on March 31st from Bizzarri Records and distributed in Italy by Self.

  • Lion D - Blaze Up (Bizzarri Records 2015)

    Lion D "Blaze Up"is the brand new single from his upcoming album Heartical Soulproduced by Alborosie. Check it out!

  • Lee "Scratch" Perry & Subatomic Sound System present "Black Ark Vampires"

    Happy Halloween! On "Black Ark Vampires" Lee "Scratch" Perry & Subatomic Sound System have crafted a throbbing sound-man tune propelled by subsonic bass, bubbling skanks, and pulsing beats that balance the murky and mystical vibes of Perry’s classic Jamaican dub reggae recordings with the flammable energy and bass vibrations of current electronic music, fine tuning a recipe that they have slow cooked throughout their last four years of U.S. tours spreading authentic dub to a new generation in places like Coachella, Dub Champions Festival, and Red Bull Music Academy. Lyrically the track features Perry’s most focused lyrics in a decade, a poignant oath of vengeance against the vampires that corrupted the ark of the covenant and forced him to burn down his famed Black Ark studio, told in comical rhymes that echo the cadence of a Dr. Seuss story coupled with the morbidity of Edgar Allan Poe, promising the details of where, when, and how he will kill these vampires, from Kingston to London to New York City and everywhere; vampires beware; he will kill them with his hair, with fire, with electric wire, and even with roast corn. Melodically the tune packs soaring vampire hooks, spiritual vocal choirs, groaning melodica bursts, and even a few lines from dancehall vocalist Jahdan Blakkamoore, produced and recorded by Emch at his Subatomic Sound laboratory in NYC. Scratch’s vocals were recorded in Brooklyn at the Hook Studio after an NYC performance with the production assistance of On-U Sound’s legendary Adrian Sherwood, producer of some of Perry’s finest post-Jamaica recordings. The session was filmed by a Dubspot video crew after a long drive through NYC during which Perry recounted the better part of his life story as a warm up for the session.

    At the age of 78, Lee "Scratch" Perry has built a life based as much on his fame as a reggae and dub inventor who exhibited boundless creativity and innovation in music composition and production, as he has on his reputation as a madman with playful wit, a propensity for lighting things on fire, a natural mystical spirituality that he famously introduced to Bob Marley, and his defiant individuality and commitment to personal freedom. "Black Ark Vampires" brilliantly ties together these divergent characteristics to create classic Lee "Scratch" Perry material on all levels.

    Perry loves to dance and loves dancehall. His nickname actually comes from the name of dance he invented called Chicken Scratch. During his tours with Subatomic Sound System, Scratch had a voracious appetite for hearing new sounds and was interested in the "Vampires & Informers" dubstep track Subatomic Sound System had produced for dancehall vocalist Elephant Man. Perry began performing on the riddim live which led to developing the lyrics for Black Ark Vampires and Subatomic developing a riddim for Perry that captured his vibes. Though Perry is known for seldom giving straight answers and many have wondered if he really burned down the Black Ark studio, Emch from Subatomic Sound System says that one night after performing a show in California, he and percussionist Larry McDonald, a Black Ark studio veteran, were talking backstage when Scratch told them the reasons for his own longevity: "Stress will kill you. That’s why I had to burn down the Black Ark." He said the popularity of the studio had attracted the vampires who came to suck him dry and corrupted the magic of Black Ark, but rather than let that slowly destroy him like a cancer, he chose to close the book on that chapter of his life and move on by torching the studio and making an exodus to the UK leaving the vampires with nothing but the ashes.

    THE SUBATOMIC SOUND LABEL: Subatomic Sound specializes in limited edition exclusive vinyl releases that push the envelope of dub, reggae, & dancehall in the context of electronic bass music through forward sounding productions and unlikely collaborations with icons such as Lee "Scratch" Perry, David Lynch, Anthony B, Elephant Man, Ari Up of The Slits, as well as new school torchbearers like Dubblestandart, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Dub Gabriel, and many more. Subatomic Sound actively produces events and founded the annual Dub Champions Festival running 4 years in the USA and Europe. Subatomic Sound Radio airs on Brooklyn Radio and for three years ran on KEXP’s Radio New York, 91.5FM broadcast which transmitted to a footprint of 11 million listeners.

  • LandLord Riddim (2014)

    Known for their dedication to authentic dancehall beats and voicing top veteran acts in the industry, John John Records latest release "Landlord Riddim" is now available  distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital.

  • Ky-Mani Marley - All The Way (Official Video 2015)

    Music video by Ky-Mani Marley performing All The Waytaken from his upcoming album "Maestro" out 30th June. Share the vibes!


    Ky-Mani Marley's new single "All The Way" available now: http://smarturl.it/KMAllTheWay_iTunes
    Twitter: @MaestroMarley
    Instagram: @MaestroMarley
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/kymanimarley
    SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/purfekstormgro...

  • Krikka Reggae feat Perfect Giddimani - Life ova money

    Crazy combination between Krikka Reggae and Perfect Giddimani! Check out the brand new videoclip Life ova moneyproduced by Krikka Reggae, Frand Production and Four Elements. Enjoy!

    LIFE OVA MONEY (album : IN VIAGGIO @2014)
    KRIKKA REGGAE feat Perfect Giddimani
    regia di Francesco Zaccaria

    acquista il nuovo album della Krikka Reggae: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/in-...

    Prodotto da :
    KRIKKA REGGAE, www.krikkareggae.com
    FRAND production, FOUR ELEMENTS,
    Logistic Support by BASSCULTURE www.bassculture.it

    Carmine Errico
    Mimmo Pizzutillo

    Krikka Reggae :
    Manuel Tataranno (voce), Simone Cammisa (voce), Dino Dibiase (chitarra), Franco Magliocca (batteria), Enzo Rubino (basso), Ivano Grieco (tastiere)

    musica : Country girl riddim by Torreggae
    credits : E. Tataranno, S. Cammisa
    arrangiamenti : Dino Biasino Dibiase/Krikka reggae
    Registrazioni : Krikka Reggae Studio (Bernalda) - Studio Strada Recording (Matera)
    mixaggio : Dino Biasino Dibiase
    mastering : Maurizio Biancani (Fonoprint studio -- Bologna)





  • Kingston 8 Riddim (2015)

    Popular Notis Records presents "Kingston 8 Riddim". The riddim features Iba Mahr "Mama Rosie", Kabaka Pyramid "Life Is Easy", Bugle "Where Were You", Delus "Heart Clean" and many more. Distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital, "Kingston 8 Riddim" is out now.

  • Kiddus I & The Homegrown Band - Take A Trip [Iroko Records 2015]

    Kiddus I & The Homegrown Band "Take a Trip"is the brand new single for the veteran reggae singer Kiddus I before the release of his new album scheduled for February. Check it!







  • Keznamdi - Hold On - brand new single!

    Royal Order Music presents the brand new single for Keznamdi "Hold On". Release date on Itunes Feb 3rd! Enjoy!



    @ Soundcloud


  • Kenyatta "Culture" Hill pubblica Afrikan

    Kenyatta Hill è il figlio del compianto Joseph Hill, leader dei Culture, la band che ha fatto la storia del reggae roots dagli anni ‘70 in poi. Da pochi giorni è in rete il videoclip di Afrikan, singolo che anticipa l’uscita di un suo imminente album. Raccogliendo l'eredità del padre, e con ottime sonorità roots, Kenyatta porta avanti i messaggi positivi che hanno fatto grande la musica dei Culture. Godiamoci il videclip di Afrikan su YouTube.


  • Keida - Ebb and Flow (2015)

    June 2nd is the official release of reggae/dancehall recording artiste Keida's debut EP Ebb and Flow. The compilation is available on iTunes. The fitting title Ebb and Flow is symbolic of the rhythms of life, a seven track compilation which embodies the essence of growth and change as inevitable outcomes of the ups and downs... the coming and goings of life. “Ebb and Flow" is an EP for the youths that I interact with daily , both in my family and in yours”. A graduated level of lyrical content is notable throughout the Ep's track compilation introducing the audience to a more conscious side of the artist they may not have seen in her earlier work.

    Opening with her Rory Stonelove produced hit "Ganja Tea", Keida invites people to use their “meds” and their in a positive way. Ganja Tea, the classic roots reggae record is followed by "Mad World" the soulful and inspirational piece produced by Royal Order Music. It urges us to take more responsibility for the realities of the world and be more proactive our contributions; highlighting that there are too many people who are displeased with the way the society is running for us not to make a conscious step for a positive change in this mad world. On her U.I.M Records produced single entitled "One Love", Keida helps her listeners to realize the importance of one pure love as the nucleus which will stimulate a positive chain reaction in our consciousness and our interpersonal relations. "One Love" is introduced by the Great Russell Bell, Math genius and youth empowerment advocate whose wise words have helped shape the lives of many. "Russell Bell was the first to call me Keida Rankin, way before music entered my reality. He empowered me by encouraging me to embrace my visual way of thinking and that's something I apply in all areas of my life." The blazing, amped up dancehall track “Hot Ash", also produced by U.I.M, showcases her versatility and highlights a hard edged up-tempo sound.

  • Kabaka Pyramid 'The Lyricist' Mixtape

    Known for his unique and creative DJ-ing style it is no surprise that Dev Kutta of Livity Movements was selected to mastermind the official mix CD for Kabaka Pyramid 'The Lyricist'.

  • Kabaka Pyramid - Well Done - brand new single!

    Kabaka Pyramid "Well Done" is produced By Damian "Jr Gong" Marley for Ghetto Youths International. Written and Performed by Kabaka Pyramid for Bebble Rock Records. ENJOY!





  • Junior Kelly – Urban Poet (Irievibrations Records 2015)

    Urban Poet is a Masterpiece that Junior Kelly describes as “More Reggae”, which is a melting pot culminating with incredible live riddims, exciting musicianship and vocal artistry at its best. For the production of the album Junior Kelly teamed up with Irievibrations Records from Vienna, Austria and claims it as his best work to date and is extremely happy with the outcome, as it is the first time he was able to have such artistic freedom. He states “it was an absolute pleasure working with Irievibrations as they listened to me and gave me full autonomy to express myself.”

  • Junior Kelly - No Dig It Up (Official Video 2015)

    Junior Kelly, who is among Jamaica’s finest Conscious Voices, Songwriter extraordinaire and Reggae Music’s most prolific exponent, is set to release his first single "No Dig It Up" from the upcoming album "Urban Poet". The album is a Masterpiece that Junior Kelly describes as “Motown Reggae”, which is a melting pot culminating with incredible live riddims, exciting musicianship and vocal artistry at its best. For the production of the album Junior Kelly teamed up with Irievibrations Records from Vienna, Austria and claims it as his best work to date and is extremely happy with the outcome, as it is the first time he was able to have such artistic freedom. He states “it was an absolute pleasure working with Irievibrations as they listened to me and gave me full autonomy to express myself.”


    Junior Kelly - No Dig It Up (Official Video 2015)


  • Jungle time per Mr Page

    Si chiama Champion Sound il nuovo brano di Benny Page. Accompagnato alla voce da Assassinaka Agent Sasco,Benny sforna un grande singolo caratterizzato da un bella combinazione tra one drop reggae e uno scatenato jungle rhythm. Vi linkiamo  il nuovissimo videoclip di Champion Sound sul canale ufficiale di Mr Page. L'uscita ufficiale del brano è prevista per il 25 agosto in tutti i digital stores. 




  • Junction Riddim (2014)

    Lustre Kings Productions is excited to announce the "Junction Riddim”, produced by the Zion I Kings.

  • Jump for Joy Riddim (2014)

    Jump for Joy è il nuovo riddim di Splatter House Records, etichetta discografica resa famosa...