• Chronixx - Capture Land

    Over the past few months, Chronixx's latest EP, Dread and Terrible, has continued to gain recognition, and after a 22 date European tour, sold out shows in NYC and an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, he returns to debut his new video for "Capture Land" today. Presented by LRG and shot by frequent TDE contributor Jerome D, Chronixx takes viewers back to his homeland of Jamaica, as he walks through a normal day in his life, all while singing the smooth and relaxed cut that is further uplifted by the amazing scenery of the Jamaican coast and culture.

    Dopo il grande successo del suo tour europeo e l'apparizione al The Tonight Show di Jimmy Fallon negli Stati Uniti, Chronixx torna con il videoclip Capture Land tratto dal suo Ep di debutto Dread and Terrible. Il videoclip è stato girato da Jerome D nella terra natia della superstar giamaicana. Check it out!

  • Christopher Martin - Steppin Razor (Official Music Video 2015)

    Christopher Martin's "Steppin Razor" is the first single off of the "Steppin Razor" EP. Introducing the "Steppin Razor". . . Christopher Martin. The quintessential modern reggae artist. He embodies swagger and sex appeal matched with his outstanding stage presence and tremendous vocal talent. Born on Valentine's Day in 1987 in the rural community of Black Pasture, St. Catherine, he was musically inclined from an early age, honed his skills at Watermount All-Age School and later graduated Cram St. Jago High School. During these years, his love for music blossomed. In 2005, he won Jamaica's top televised talent show Digicel Rising Stars.



    Following his initial success, Martin joined the Big Yard recording outfit, home to diamond ­selling artist "Shaggy" and producer extraordinaire Robert Livingston. He has worked with the best in the business, including Arif Cooper of Fresh Ear Productions, Shane Brown of Jukeboxx Recordings, Christopher Birch and Mosiah Music. His hits such as “Nah Go Change,” “Take My Wings,” “Jamaican Girls,” “Gallis” featuring Busy Signal, “Paper Lovin',” “Come Where You Going” “Cheater's Prayer,” and “Chill Spot” continue to tear up radio waves across the globe. The tremendous vocal prowess, proven lyrical ability and down-to-earth persona he shares with his audience has kept him at the top of his game and won him fans worldwide.



  • Christopher Martin - Steppin Razor (2015)

    Christopher Martin's much-anticipated debut EP Steppin Razor is released by VP Records. The 5-song digital-only release balances sweetness, swagger and sex appeal and showcases Chris's versatility and vocal excellence.

  • Chezidek - No More War - brand new single!

    Roots Reggae Singer Chezidek, has unleashed a powerful healing message to the world through his brand new anti-war single "No More War". Single available January 13th 2015. Album available February 10th, 2015.


  • Champion Squad Presents Romain Virgo - Inna Rub A Dub Style (Romain Virgo Mixtape)

    Champion Squad Presents... Romain Virgo - "Inna Rub A Dub Style"

  • Carmine RMC Errico - My Influences

    Carmine RMC Errico propone una bella playlist per tutti gli amanti della reggae music...

  • Capleton @ Reggae.Today: More Fyah!

    Reggae.Today meets Capleton in Salento, Italy. The King of fire speaks about his mission in reggae music and special combo with StephenMarley and Sizzla for Rockstone already a new milestone in the reggae music today. Check it!

  • Capital Letters - Wolverhampton (2015)

    Having reformed in 2013, it hasn't taken Capital Letters long to get back into their stride and 2015 sees them embarking on a series of European live dates reminiscent of their heyday in the late seventies and early eighties when they were the unofficial UK reggae ambassadors to Europe, constantly touring throughout the Continent.

    To coincide with the start of these dates, Sugar Shack Records will be releasing the first all new Capital Letters album in thirty years. The band have spent much of the summer in the studio of Noel Browne, Noel only recently relocated to the UK and built his new studio. He's a former Studio One Band, Taxi Gang and Maytals keyboard player who is perhaps better known as the man behind New Name Music, the studio he set up in 1987 where he was to achieve success with Luciano, Mikey Spice and Jack Radics amongst many, before building Big Ship Recording Studios in 1995 where he worked with Freddie McGregor, The Wailing Souls, Papa San and numerous others. Utilising Noel Browne's engineering skills, the band recorded 14 songs which were then passed into the safe hands of regular Sugar Shack collaborator Dave 'Oldwah' Sandford for final mixing.

    The album kicks off with a trio of classic roots tracks, “Jah Music”, a highlight of their live shows, “Wolf” as recently released in a remix form on a Sugar Shack 12” and “Roots Music”. Just when you think the pattern is set, the band turn things around and with a novel approach they continue with a mainly roots themed set, but in a case of an iron fist inside a velvet glove, hard hitting roots messages are underpinned by often upbeat backing. The songs; “Place On Earth”, “Dat Nah Stop”, “False Natty”, “Tell Me What's Wrong” and “Opportunity” all contain strong messages that may be missed on casual listening with their deceptive, almost too upbeat backing tracks, an unusual approach that shows just how confident and skilled the band are.

    It's not all politics and preaching. One of the songs is a heartfelt tribute to the band's home town, Wolverhampton in the British Midlands. It was obvious that with Capital Letters strong ties to the City, this was the perfect track to name the album after and so “Wolverhampton” is the album title and will no doubt have more than a few of the band's overseas fans checking their atlases. A perfect companion piece to “Wolverhampton” is the track “Jamaica” which paints a charming child's eye picture of the huge changes and culture shock encountered by the children who arrived in Britain to join the windrush generation during the fifties and sixties.

    Co vocalist Lukas doesn't forget his past as a Lovers Rock artist and we are treated to a solitary love song with “Movie Star”. Lukas puts in such a consummate performance, it makes one hope the band will record more material along similar lines in future.
    Capital letters are a band at the top of their game; they have maturity, confidence and musicianship to spare. This is a deceptive album, the more you listen the more it reveals the depth of quality within, good on first listen it grows in stature and really rewards repeated plays.

    “Wolverhampton” is released by Sugar Shack records on 23rd March 2015 as a digital download and compact disc available from all leading sites and retailers, there will also be a limited edition vinyl album containing the first five tracks along with their accompanying dub mixes.

  • Cane River Riddim (2014)

    L’ultima produzione di Dj Frass ha un roster davvero invidiabile infatti Cane River Riddim...

  • Burning Spear - Burning Sound Six (2015)

    Burning Spear Burning Sound Six , All about the people and The Music, The Sound Six with unreleased Tracks. Copyright Burning Spear 2015 . Keep The Spear Burning One Love, Peace.


    Copyright Burning Spear 2015



  • Buju Banton - Driver 2k15 (Jamstone Remix)

    Buju Banton - Driver 2k15 (Jamstone Remix). New 80's Dancehall Riddim (Warieka Productions) check it out!



    Download MP3 FOR FREE @:

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    YouTube link:


  • Bugle - Survivor (Official Video 2015)

    New music video by Bugle performing "Survivor"From the "7th Heaven Riddim"...check it out!


    Bugle - Survivor (Official Video 2015) 

  • Bryan Art brand new video - Knowledge Is The Power

    Inspirational song on the Declaration Of Rights Riddim. A young man who carries market goods on a wooden push-cart for a living, got inspired and transforms his push-cart into an auto-powered wooden vehicle. this is a must see!


    Bryan Art is multifaceted artist, husky voiced singer, witty songwriter and consummate musician, delivers with passion, meaning and always a message.


  • British Dependency - Close Your Eyes (2015)

    The first single from their impending album, The Conversation, is released by British Dependency Songs Ltd., and distributed by VPAL/VP. "Close Your Eyes" was written by band members Joyah Gumbs, Jaiden Fleming and Ishmael Keith along with Davon Carty and legendary producer Collin York. York, who has worked with Brittney Spears, Madonna, Rihanna, Michael Franti, Maxi Priest, Jimmy Cliff, Chaka Kahn, Cindy Lauper and Boy George, was one of the Band's frontrunners to produce the album along with Dwayne Anglin, lead singer for the Wailers. Of the project he remarks, "The dynamics of the band is very different, unusual. They remind me of The Fugees or Black Uhuru - very talented." Mr. Anglin adds, "The project has great potential. It has surpassed our expectations."

    The Reggae/R&B tinged single is new member, Ishmael Keith's first introduction to the band's fan base since joining the group in June 2014. The natural chemistry that is evident in the delivery of the single makes it a crossover contender. Victor E. Lewis adds, "With this single, we are looking forward to embarking on another touring season. It's exciting to know that the appeal of the single will broaden our market thus exposing the band to a wider range of not only fans but also venues and festivals." Recently named LIME Anguilla Brand Ambassadors, British Dependency will perform "Close Your Eyes" for the first time at the launch of Caribbean Dreamers Live concert series on May 12, 2015 in New York City at Le Poison Rouge.

    Hailing from the British Isle of Anguilla, British Dependency brings Root, Heart and Soul to Reggae music by fusing various genres with their three piece ensemble, drum, guitar and bass. Their unique and eclectic sound appeals not only to those with a discerning musical palate but also those who are avid reggae fans.

    Adding to their vintage sound is a fresh take on the overall feel and look of the band which consists of Anguilla's first female bass player, Joyah along with drummer, Jaiden and lead vocalist and guitar player, Ishmael. On November 20, 2013 the band released their debut album, Finding Wisdom. The 10 track album, currently in rotation on Sirius XM Radio, showcases the group's eclectic sound with a diverse playlist, that is a perfect mix of love ballads, "Fly Away," "Do You This," "Look Into My Eyes," empowerment singles, "One," "Change," "Wisdom," "Casket Closed," and life lesson single "Small Minded People." The band delivers each track with an ease that is sure to transport listeners to a state nirvana.

    The Band lives by the mantra, "Creating music that reflects originality, talent, togetherness, bravery and wisdom. Our Music, Our Future, Our Independence." With that they continue to push the boundaries and open new roads of empowerment and forward-thinking.


    Released by:
    British Dependency Songs LTD/VPAL Music
    Release date:
    28 April 2015

  • Brand new! Romain Virgo - General [Official Music Video]

    Brand new! Romain Virgo - General [Official Music Video] produced by Code 91 Records



    Romain Virgo - General (Lyrics)

    Phone call to heaven
    Long fi reason wid me fren
    Mi one and only fren
    Woo woo woo wooohooo

    You are still me general, believe me
    You are the only fren weh never deceive me
    You are me general, me general
    You ratings stand tall
    You are the greatest of them all

    Salute me salute you
    To me you always stay tru too
    You never switch, never snitch
    Encourge and tell me, me ago make it
    Me wish you did deh yah me bredda
    Fi help me share the cheddah
    Memba when we did a suffah

    You are still me general, believe me
    You are the only fren weh never deceive me
    You are me general, me general
    You ratings stand tall
    You are the greatest of them all

    I know god nah give a man more than him caw bear
    But I also know the good ones gone too soon I swear
    You worth more than diamond and gold
    Truth be told
    The two a we should a role til we get old

    You are still me general, believe me
    You are the only one weh never deceive me
    You are me general, me general
    You ratings stand tall
    You are the greatest of them all

    I remember when we use to role
    Any day, any hours a night
    When we sneek out
    you look out, protect me with your eyes
    Violate no guy couldn't try
    If a fight me deh deh right by yuh side
    You defend me, me defend you

    You are me general, believe me
    You are the only fren weh never deceive me
    You are me general, me general
    You ratings stand tall
    You are the greatest of them all

    Forever be mi general
    Stand tall..never fall..never fall

  • Brand new! Jah9 - Avocado (Official Video)

    Jah 9says:"I am very excited to share this song and happy I was able to tell the story in my own way, honouring the light hearted nature with which it was written but still injecting important messages in a more universally appealing way. Avocado is that spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down”. Respect


    Directed by: Samo 'Kush-I' Johnson
    Shot by: GD Films
    Styling by: Aya Wear

    Follow Jah9 on social media:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jah9online
    Twitter (@Jah9): https://twitter.com/Jah9
    Instagram (@Jah9online): http://instagram.com/jah9online

  • Brand new videoclip from Shaggy

    Grammy award winning reggae/dancehall artist Shaggy releases the video for his third single off his critically acclaimed acclaimed album, Out Of Many One Music, produced by the dynamic Jamaican drum and bass duo Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare and Sting. The single titled, If U Slip U Slide (You Could Be Mine) features beautiful songstress Melissa Musique. Together both Shaggy and Melissa exemplify their feelings for each other while coming to realization that they could just share the rest of life together.

    É uscito da pochi giorni il videoclip di If U Slip U Slide (You Could Be Mine), canzone tratta da Out Of Many One Music,l'ultimo disco di Shaggy prodotto da Sly Dumbar, Robbie Shakespeare e Sting. If U Slip U Slideè una canzone d'amore in combination con la bella e brava Melissa Musique. Godiamoci il nuovo videoclip di Shaggy su YouTube!

  • Brand new from Yung J.R.

    The young Jamaican Yung J.R. , son of the legendary Junior Reid, wrote this new and interesting tune called General. This tune comes from the brand new Ep Start The Movement and also has a brilliant music video; it is a conscious tune dedicated to all those youth who grew up in the ghetto, whose lives are too often jeopardized by the criminal gangs who take advantage of their situation to make a profit out of them. Let’s enjoy his new music video on youtube. Big new artist!


    Yung J.R. giovane fenomeno giamaicano, figlio del grande Junior Reid, ci regala questa nuova e interessante tune. General, tratta dal suo imminente Ep Start The Movement, è un bel videoclip e una conscious tune dedicata ai giovani del ghetto, la cui vita è spesso messa a repentaglio dalle organizzazioni malavitose che sfruttano il loro disagio per fare profitti. Godiamoci il suo nuovissimo videoclip su YouTube. Big new artist!

  • Born a King (2014)

    Born a King, il nuovo album di Sizzla Kalonji, prodotto dall’australiano Mista Savona...

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