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Born Desbert Johnson in 20 June 1973, St Ann’s Bay. Chezidek started singing from his early age at school concerts.

After finishing school he performed on sounds systems in the area, as Chilla rinch, singing and Djing at many various dances and talent shows.

He left St Ann’s Bay for Kingston where he linked up with record producer Phillip “Fatis” Burrell from Xterminator production. he recorded his first album in 2002 ”harvest time” distributed by VP records, with popular tracks such as ” Can’t hear must feel”. “Breakfree” and the title track “Harvest time.

His first number one hit single “leave the trees” on a promotional label produced by Hugh Miller (aka Bunny Dan), Chezidek recorded a hit album “Inna di Road” with “massive B” out of NY with hits like “Inna di road”, “Call pon dem”, “Dem a fight we”, “Nuh run”, “Far I”, and others”.

After “Inna di Road ” album, came more hits singles: “Burn di Ganja”, “Sun or rain”, “Herb Campaign”,”Dem a fight we”, etc…

His latest albums, Chezidek team up with the legendary Sly & Robby to record another hit album “I-grade” released November 2009.

He now has a brand new strictly roots album with dub ” Judgment Time”, which is one of the top selling Reggae album seen as the best for 2010 by most Reggae magazine and websites.

Chezidek is an artist who has undoubtedly experienced a rather large increase in his own status in Reggae music over the last couple of years or so.

He has semingly gone from a solid and very well respected singer and definetely one of the finest songs writter of his generation, a categorization which he had enjoyed for years into being one of the most in demand modern Roots Reggae artists that there is.

Since Chezidek never stop spreeding the same message of life, singing all around the world, performing in all on major Reggae events like: Montreux Jazz festival, Reggae rising, Upssala festival, Reggae Sun Ska, Lake splash, Rebel Salute, Reggae Sundance, Sting & Sierra Nevada, Ostroda festival, Festijam …

Sun or rain….Chezidek sings always the same positiv message of life: Love, justice, equality for all humanity.

Chezidek is right now working on his coming album which one will be released this summer. The hit single "Secret enemy" released since february 3rd 2011 is mashing up Jamaica right now!!!! Look out for the big video coming soon!!!!