• New! Jesse Royal - Feel Your Pain (Palace Pikney Records)

    Feel Your Pain produced by Jesse Royal, is the first release from his Palace Pikney Records Label. This groovy love ballad track caresses the ears, and shows another side to the small axe. The single was featured on “Royally Speaking” mixtape, released in the summer. Enjoy!


  • Mystic Revealers featuring Chronixx - Herb Must Legalize Now

    Check out the brand new herb legalization anthem from Mystic Revealers and Chronixx. Worldwide release coming February 3rd. Enjoy!







  • Mystic Revealers - Crucial Cuts (2014)

    Mystic Revealers new album of hits titled, “Crucial Cuts” is released through VP Records. Protecting the tradition of reggae's rich heritage, Mystic Revealers formed in Bull Bay, Jamaica during the 1970s. After a nearly 15 year hiatus, the "fathers of the Reggae Revival" movement have returned with

  • MR LEXX VIDEO - Interview with Mr Lexx @ Reggae.Today

    MR LEXX VIDEO - Interview with Mr Lexx - Reggae.Today
    In an exclusive interview, Reggae.Today talks with Christopher George Palmer, better known as "Mr. Lexx", "Lexxus" or simply "The Prince", one of the best Jamaican dancehall artists ever. Live video courtesy by Shanty Crew (http://www.shantycrew.com/).
    Interview by Gigi Piccolo

    Copyright © 2014 Reggae.Today
    All rights reserved.

  • Mr Lexx - When We Do Road (High Life Riddim)

    Dancehall star Mr Lexx presents his latest hit and videoclip "When We Do Road", produced by Just Us of JA Productions. The video for "When We Do Road" was directed by Terminal 4. Check it out!



  • Morgan Heritage - Wanna Be Loved feat Eric Rachmany of Rebelution

    Shot during the historic 2015 Catch A Fire Tour across the United States. Taken from the Grammy nominated album Strictly Roots. Download Now!!! http://smarturl.it/StrictlyRoots

    Directed by Morgan Heritage & EmmyLou Mai
    Filmed by EmmyLou Mai




  • Morgan Heritage - Perform and Done (Official Video 2015)

    Regarding the video, Morgan Heritage states, “Perform And Done is the music video that pushes the envelope for Morgan Heritage lyrically and visually. The goal is to captivate a whole new audience that would not typically watch a Morgan Heritage video. Our hope is that our existing and new fans appreciate our artistic expression.”

    Morgan Heritage, which has established themselves as the premiere live group on the reggae circuit, will be kicking off the Strictly Roots tour in support of the band’s newest album on April 8th in Washington D.C. and wrapping up in Las Vegas, NV on April 27th. The tour also features third generation ambassador from the Morgan family, Jemere Morgan, as a special guest. Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased here: http://morganheritagemusic.com/tourdates 

    Undoubtedly one of contemporary reggae’s most powerful forces on the global stage, the sensational roots reggae quintet, which comprises siblings Peetah Morgan (vocals), Una Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Gramps Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Lukes Morgan (rhythm guitar) and Mr. Mojo Morgan (percussion/vocals) has embraced the challenges that come with empowerment of this nature.

    Guided by sheer acumen and a passionate desire to make their already rich musical legacy even more impactful, Morgan Heritage, after much deliberation and contemplation, triumphantly delivers their latest album exclusively on their very own label CTBC (Cool To Be Conscious) Music Group.

    Strictly Roots features a wide variety of guest performers including platinum selling pop/dancehall phenomenon, Shaggy; American reggae and R&B vocalist, J Boog; third generation ambassadors from the Morgan and Marley families, Jemere Morgan and Jo Mersa Marley; reggae sensation, Chronixx; rock, world and reggae band, Rebelution; and Bumble Bee from the American Grammy-nominated pop reggae band, SOJA.

    Among the heavyweight co-producers with Morgan Heritage on Strictly Roots are Don Chandler and BBC One/BBC 1Xtra's Seani B, Shane C. Brown of Juke Boxx Productions, multiple Grammy nominee, Jason “J-Vibe” Farmer; French reggae/dancehall production duo Matthieu Bost and Jérémie “Bim” Dessus; guitarist Andrew “Simmo” Simpson and DJ Fras. In addition, multi-faceted studio and touring drummer, Gil Sharone, has contributed to the brilliant instrumentation for which Morgan Heritage is known. Gil’s DVD, Wicked Beats, won the Drummie award in Drum Magazine for “DVD Of The Year” 2011.

    Throughout 2015, Morgan Heritage will be touring in support of Strictly Roots, which will be released digitally on April 20th, 2015 and physically on April 21st, 2015.



  • Mellow Mood feat. Forelock & Hempress Sativa - Inna Jamaica pt. 2 (2015)

    The Mellow Mood say:" Here we are! Our brand new video Inna Jamaica pt. 2 featuring Forelock and Hempress Sativa! This is the first single from our new album, entitled 2TheWorld, hitting the stores on April 7th 2015 for La Tempesta International. Orders here: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/2-the-world/id976320542

     Inna Jamaica pt. 2 feat. Forelock & Hempress Sativa
    (A. Puglia, J. Garzia, L. Garzia, K. Johnson)
    With the special collaboration of Fitzroy Dave Green and Dean Fraser.

    Album: "2 The World"
    Label: La Tempesta International

    Filmed by Mimina Di Muro
    Additional footage by Alfredo Puglia and Giulio Frausin

    Edited by Mario Di Maso

    Inna Jamaica pt. 2 (2015)

    Welcome a Jamaica
    yeh we deh deh inna Jamaica
    more time mi waan fi spend inna Jamaica
    mi nuh waan fi go away
    a so me tell you seh dis a di place mi waan fi deh

    Jamaica a di place weh yuh affi deh yes
    dem talk straight patwa need fi know wah dem a say yes
    people a bawl down pon dem knees dem still a pray yes
    hope di Almighty will listen to dem prayers yes
    well it nuh matta if yuh deh a Spanish Town or Kingston town
    tun off di phone caw yuh nuh go hear di ring tone
    music loud caw dis a music kingdom
    music come out but dem nuh see no income

    Alkebulan I descendants from but Jamaica mi born and grow
    yellow fi the sun green fi land black for the strength that the people have shown
    over the years they’ve sold exploited resources so we don’t own
    so how can this be my home
    Africa mi saying but still I will welcome you to Jamrock dung in Kingston town
    big sound string up and roots sell by the quarters
    dread natty so dread eyes red from chalwah weh mi unda
    man a rub a dub a hold a dawta
    Mellow Mood’s in paradise living the life on the island of wood and water

    The Gideon seh a bare ragamuffin inna wi clic
    weh we boss it nuh go stick
    disya di island weh di music affi hit it affi hit
    from di zinc fence door up to di real concrete
    Mellow Mood Hempress Sativa Forelock depon di line
    reaching all di humans weh di light still shine
    yuh see how we ready fi bright
    caw we following the Most High guide

    Long time me waan come visit
    dis land mi always hear about it
    yah so da fyah nuh stop burning
    whole heap a youths hear Rasta calling
    real vibe inna my blood a flowing
    Sativa she a drive dis journey
    mi a seh full up enough your soul
    and when yuh full open up your eyes
    disya Jamaica


  • Marla Brown - Superstar (2015)

    Brand new tune by Marla Brown, daughter of Dennis Brown, performing "Superstar"...produced by Grammy Award winning producer Tony ‘CD’ Kelly. Share the vibes!


    Marla Brown - Superstar (2015)



  • Marla Brown - Better Days (Official Video 2015)

    Marla Brown, the youngest child and daughter of the Late Great Crown Prince of reggae, Dennis Emanuel Brown, presents the official videoclip of "Better Days", her debut single produced by Royal Order Music and Green Stone Music. Check it out!


    Marla Brown - Better Days [Royal Order Music]
    SINGLE OUT April 14th 2015
    BUY @ https://itunes.apple.com/album/better...

    Produced by: Royal Order Music and Green Stone Music
    Video Director and Editor: Dennis Brown/Visually Sound Media Production ©

  • Major Lazer Take Kingston - RollingStone

    “We can go out to the rest of the world, as long as we prove ourselves here,” Diplo told us as Major Lazer descended on Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae, dancehall and his own wild group, which combines everything into an epic, unreal dance party. We followed the trio on their quest to trace their roots — visiting legendary producer King Jammy and headlining their own festival — as they prepare for the future of their next-level music. (www.rollingstone.com)


    Get the full story at: http://rol.st/1DVpB0c

  • Major Lazer - Sound Bang ft. Machel Montano [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

    Brand new videoclip for Major Lazer feat. Machel Montano. "Sound Bang" is available now on YouTube, check it out!



    Major Lazer - Sound Bang ft. Machel Montano


    When the sound bang we gon party
    Til the sun come, oh aye!
    We go all night when we raving
    And we don't stop, no way!

    Di place turn up when di sound bang
    Turn up when di sound bang
    Turn up when di sound bang di bass
    Di place turn up when di sound bang
    Turn up when di sound bang
    Major Lazer mash up di dance!

    Jump! Jump!
    Jump! Jump!

    Oh yea, fall over me
    Tell dem gyal dem come over there
    Drink some rum, might fall over there
    Party time, can fall over me
    Boy, same put on di bounce
    This place on, can turn up my song
    Tell dem boy dem wind pon di low
    Jump into di place

    Turn up when di sound bang
    Turn up when di sound bang
    Turn up when di sound bang di bass
    Di place turn up when di sound bang
    Turn up when di sound bang
    Major Lazer mash up di dance!

    When the sound bang we gon party
    Til the sun come, oh aye!
    We go all night when we raving
    And we don't stop, no way!

    Boy, turn up di bass
    Tell dem gyal dem turn up the place
    Drinks around, man mash up the place
    Wind now, wind now, woke up the rest
    Oh! Say wind em about
    This place on, can turn up my song
    Tell dem boy dem wind pon di low
    Jump into di place

    Turn up when di sound bang
    Turn up when di sound bang
    Turn up when di sound bang di bass
    Di place turn up when di sound bang
    Turn up when di sound bang
    Major Lazer mash up di dance!

    When the sound bang we gon party
    Til the sun come, oh aye!
    We go all night when we raving
    And we don't stop, no way!

  • Lutan Fyah - Sacrifice [Black Roots Riddim | Nyle Banks Music 2015]

    Brand new reggae roots tune for Lutan Fyahon the Black Roots Riddimproduced by Nyle Banks Music,check it out!




  • Lutan Fyah - Music Never Dies (I Grade Records 2017)

    New album by Jamaican modern roots veteran, Lutan Fyah. Music Never Dies is Lutan Fyah's 16th album to date and his first with I Grade Records. Four years in the making, Music Never Dies reflects the evolution of both artist and producers. Working with Tippy of Zion I Kings and I Grade Records, Lutan Fyan brings a mature and unique melodic and lyrical approach to this new album that is as heavy as it is musical.

    ​The album was recorded in both Jamaica and St Croix, using live musicianship. The album features guest appearances by Vaughn Benjamin the Akae Beka(of Midnite band).

     Available as a digital release only

    Buy on iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/music-never-dies/id1215461796


  • Lutan Fyah - Mash It Up (Shiah Records 2015) - new single!

    Brand new single for Lutan Fyah! Mash It Up is a dancehall tune produced by Shiah Records...check it out!





  • Luciano & Pinchers - Stop Invest in Crime (Run Things Records)

    Brand new single for Luciano& Pinchers! "Stop Invest in Crime"is produced by Run Things Records.Check it out!





    Luciano & Pinchers - Stop Invest in Crime (Run Things Records)

    Pincher- messenger so long the wicked man have bin planting the seed of sorrow.
    Luciano- and that`s why this whole world is in a mess ,
    so lets turn to our interlect and see if we can clean up this wreck.
    Luciano along side pinchers, bandelero come cross
    Pinchser- stop invest inna crime, pleased don`t spend another dime.
    nuh food nuh inna pot and every body belly flat , and round deh back a crazy k`s & crazy 9
    Luciano- stop from invest inna crime, pleased don`t spend another dime.
    to make it to deh top -yuh better stop and take a stack, but don`t corrupt di youth dem mind.
    verse 1
    pinchers - know food nah run, but di boss a mek yuh fire big expensive gun.
    Luciano - know shoes -that`s a uppers with a tongue ,my youth mi wonder how yuh manage di burning hot grong.
    Pinchers- weh yuh sleep -him tell mi seh a grong ,my youth a 30 bed dem sell for di price of dat gun.
    Luciano- crazy shot a pop and man a dead a road- so much youths a dead, den how di don so proud.
    chorus - pinchers & Luciano.
    Vers 2.
    pinchers - logger head - stop being a logger haed -nuff youth nah nuh sense out deh.
    Luciano - teach dem to make a bread- insted a buss di led , how much youth a get dash weh.
    Pinchers- there most be a better way for di youth of di day, i tell dem crime don`t pay.
    Luciano- yuh give dem gun and never give dem breakfast , so dem dead inna di streets a try to rich fast.
    chorus - pinchers and luciano.
    vers 3
    Pinchers - yes it hard out deh and wi know, plant good seed and just let it grow.
    wi will reap any ting weh wi sew , cah seh yuh never know -yuh like to be a o
    seet - yuh cah trust di youth dem weh a guard yuh head.
    Luciano- sick head a sick head , hot head nyam any bread.
    Chorus - Pinchers and Luciano .


  • Luciano - Solid Like Rock (LTL Records 2015)

    Luciano "Solid Like Rock" single off the upcoming riddim "Hungry Dayz" from Larger Than Life Records/Loud City Music, check it out!

    Released by:

    Larger Than Life Records/Loud City Music



  • Luciano - In The Name Of Love (2015)

    The track entitled “In the Name Of Love” comes with a reggae version and also an acoustic rendition for all those musical connoisseurs who appreciate the more subtle delivery. “In The Name Of Love” is just the first of a string of new recordings that will be coming directly out of the Luciano stable, culminating into a new album to be released later in the year.



  • Luciano - Change Dem Ways - brand new single

    Brand New single from Reggae artist Luciano! "Change Dem Ways" is a roots rock reggae chune, demanding positive change, produced by Nicko Rebel for Nicko Rebel Music, LLC.


    Rebel-Store: www.nickorebelmusic.com/music-store
    Social Link up:
    Soundcloud: @nickorebelmusic
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/nickorebelmusic
    Twitter: twitter.com/nickorebelmusic

  • Lion D - Heartical Soul (2015)

    “HEARTICAL SOUL” the new and much awaited album of Lion D, italo-nigerian artist, rated as the revelation singer all over Europe reggae scene, will be available in all
    records shops and digital platforms as from Tuesday March 31st. The album will be out under the well known Bizzarri Records label and will be distributed by Self Distribution. One year ago Lion D left for Shengen Studio in Kingston, Jamaica where he spent several months working side by side with one of the most famous reggae producers in the world: Alborosie. “HEARTICAL SOUL” unites the talent of two excellent Italian artists who have combined their great passion for music and for reggae, creating an explosive cd with a very ‘Jamaican’ sound, made of twelve brand new tunes and of a dub version, too. The album is entirely produced by Alborosie, who, both took care of the artistic production and played drums, base, keyboards and guitars in almost all the songs and who involved in this project. Some of his best musicians: Tony Tarantino and Dave “Fitzroy” Green and Sid Gaetani of Bizzarri’s crew. A work paying tribute to Roots Reggae, moreover the presence of one of the great artists of world reggae scene as Ken Boothe can only strengthen this theory. Other artists featuring in “HEARTICAL SOUL” are Mr Vegas in “Jamrock Nice” and the outstanding voices of Kemar Williams and Sandy Smith in “Rude Bwoy Thing” and “Talk About Love”, next single to be released very soon. 'Heartical Luv', Ruff inna Town' and 'Blaze Up' are the first three singles anticipating the release of 'Heartical Soul', the new album due to be released on March 31st from Bizzarri Records and distributed in Italy by Self.