TRAIN TO ROOTS - Ever (UK Steppa Version) RMX

Brand new video coming from Train To Roots. Check out “Ever (UK Steppa Version) RMX”, produced by Antonio PapaN'tò Leardi. Big Tune Listen Now!

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Produced by Antonio PapaN'tò Leardi
Mastering: Filippo Tonisan Mulas presso Cuba rec Lab
Label : INRI

Shoot by Bruno Mameli "EYE ME" & Fame126
Editing by & Fame126


Sottovalutati e senza considerazione

Parte del futuro di una povera nazione

Figli di uno stato controllato dagli inetti

Hanno i loro pregi, escludiamone i difetti

A bwoy got more trubles because he run pon di rubble

Feelin’ pain feelin’ toil stand alone like survivor

Me tell yuh madda and fatha protect your son an your dawgtah

Da future so matta so memba teach ya di lova

Now me tell let free da youth dem fi nah lose di betta tings

Cause freedom is a righta, first bwoy needs fi live

Experiences an mistakes a di life pon da street

Like a techa spread di cultah street a school fi da kidz

Da youths a da future of dis mad world

Don’t let dem suffah protect dis genration

A great life for tomorrow

Because da youths know di solution

Evah evah mi a streetbwoy rude for evah

Burn pon di concrete and grow inna di city rit.

Nevah nevah lose di trust fi mi bredda

Respect fi da crew dem, da bwoys me seh a rude dem

Me seh believe in yourself an mek annadah step forward

While yuh fight for your wellness dem a pushin yuh backward

Da evil an baddest yah could be your worst nightmares

Life is a biz for warriors

Yuh haffy work fi walk alone improve your knowledge build your destiny

A tuff because yuh got no one support in dis society

Yuh check yourself youth

Before wreck yourself

And tomorrow will be bliz an more easy train a tell

Cun sa conca e su rispettu che besseisi ommisi

Poni tottu in giugu chi ti paridi de intendi

Kust’otta megu a nai cun coru no’ ti frimmisi

Poidi incummintzai sa gherra, ghetta bandu e ghettadi

Da youths a da future of dis mad world

Don’t let dem suffah protect dis genration

A great life for tomorrow

Because da youths know di solution















About the Author

Train To Roots

Train To Roots

An artistic path, considerably dynamic and rewarding, which in more than ten years has really strengthen the Sardinian band Train To Roots, giving it the possibility to boast of enriching experiences and collaborations with international artists and to play in the most important European reggae festivals and clubs. They have published already 4 albums since the debut in 2004: the namesake album Train To Roots (2005), Terra e acqua (2008), Brathin’ faya (2011) and Growing, released in 2014. They are now working on the fifth album, which is due at the end of 2015.
A great creativity, some positive perseverance and a serious determination is the perfect blend which allows the Train To Roots to evolve and be able to keep up with the times. These qualities are highly recognized and acclaimed by their audience, which is more and more abundant and demanding. Behind their hot and entertaining live shows there’s a burning and endless passion for music such as an intense study. Rooted in British early reggae, the band later turned in genres more in line with contemporary music canons, ranging from different kinds of reggae and black music.

Train To Roots are: Simone Pireddu "Bujumannu" - voice Michele Mulas "Rootsman I" - voice Antonio Leardi "Papa'Ntò" - keyboards Simone Bardi "Doctor Bass" - bass Stefano Manai "Stiv Man I" - guitar Giampaolo Bolelli "Jambo" - guitar Carlo Pippia "Groover" - drums