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Apache Indian - Election Crisis (Official Video 2015)

Reggae artist Apache Indian is set to release a hot new track, 'Election Crisis’, which is already setting fire to the airwaves at radio stations up and down the UK. Slated for release on 30th March, the track scathingly blasts the state of British politics, capturing the atmosphere of disaffection and disappointment felt amongst much of the voting public.

Famously known for his UK Top 5 hit song ‘Boom Shack-A-Lak’, during his 20 year career Apache Indian has worked with artists from around the world: touring with Sean Paul and recording with Boyz II Men, Blackstreet, UB40, Shaggy, Boy George and Pras of the Fugees. Never one to run scared from controversial issues, Apache is also known for tackling difficult subjects with his music such as arranged marriages, AIDS, alcohol & drug misuse, caste system and more.

Election Crisis is a hard hitting dancehall reggae style track produced by Charlie Hype, who working alongside Jim Beanz has produced for music industry superstars Timbaland, Wu Tang Clang, Nelly Furtado, Shakira, Fat Joe, Craig David and Raekwon. The song’s lyrics raise serious questions about the state of the nation in the face of the May General Elections the importance of making the right choices when voting. With every line Apache goes for the jugular, cleverly addressing the key issues at the heart of this year’s elections: immigration, unemployment, poverty, bankers’ bonuses and cuts to public services.

“The song wasn’t easy to write but some things need to be said. This is a crisis. We have schools and universities making cuts whilst fees are on the rise. We have £3 billion a year to spend on nuclear weapons, but every day they’re slashing budgets for the NHS. 140,000 people are out of work in Birmingham, whilst the bankers fall back on big fat bonuses and the rich and powerful slip through tax loopholes. This is definitely a crisis and a lot of people don’t know who to turn to. People are either are confused about who to vote for or have just stopped caring!”

For Apache this is not just another song, ‘Election Crisis’ highlights the current political reality for many people in the UK. Apache himself has worked very closely with his community in Handsworth, Birmingham over the years, in particular helping the young people in the area. Two years ago Apache set up the 'Apache Indian Music Academy' (A.I.M), a music academy based at South and City College on Soho Road, Handsworth. The A.I.M Academy is a registered non-profit charity, run by Apache on a voluntary basis for free, with the aim of helping young people with music and life skills.

AIM has become very popular in the community, drawing up to 70 young people weekly. The Academy is now supported by various local sponsors that provide food, water, clothing and various other things that benefit the young people on a weekly basis. The college offers further support by encouraging young people to enrol on courses and provide advice about apprenticeship and jobs.

Apache's vision was to encourage the community to help each other without any money passing hands and without any funding. His vision has worked and is growing every week with more young people attending the Academy and with more local businesses wanting to help.

The Academy and its students are featured in the music video of 'Election Crisis'.

Show your support for the Movement that is making a real difference by downloading 'Election Crisis’ from iTunes, Google play or Amazon Monday 30th March 2015, with partial proceeds going to the Apache Indian Music Academy (AIM).


Apache Indian's new single "Election Crisis", produced by Charlie Hype, featured on Sky News.


Perfect Giddimani - Skeleton Ina Yuh Closet - Flash Hit Records

Perfect Giddimani "Skeleton ina Yuh Closet" is produced by Flash Hit Records and mixed by Manudigital. Flash Hit Records says:" Brand New tune !!
Flash Hit Records has combined with hit maker Perfect Giddimani to create this thought provoking single "Skeleton Inna Yuh Closet" featured on the re-lick Pretty Looks Riddim,a catchy melody on any popular vintage riddim is always a plus...Check it out on Souncloud now!"


Produced by Flash Hit Records


Christopher Martin - Steppin Razor (Official Music Video 2015)

Christopher Martin's "Steppin Razor" is the first single off of the "Steppin Razor" EP. Introducing the "Steppin Razor". . . Christopher Martin. The quintessential modern reggae artist. He embodies swagger and sex appeal matched with his outstanding stage presence and tremendous vocal talent. Born on Valentine's Day in 1987 in the rural community of Black Pasture, St. Catherine, he was musically inclined from an early age, honed his skills at Watermount All-Age School and later graduated Cram St. Jago High School. During these years, his love for music blossomed. In 2005, he won Jamaica's top televised talent show Digicel Rising Stars.



Following his initial success, Martin joined the Big Yard recording outfit, home to diamond ­selling artist "Shaggy" and producer extraordinaire Robert Livingston. He has worked with the best in the business, including Arif Cooper of Fresh Ear Productions, Shane Brown of Jukeboxx Recordings, Christopher Birch and Mosiah Music. His hits such as “Nah Go Change,” “Take My Wings,” “Jamaican Girls,” “Gallis” featuring Busy Signal, “Paper Lovin',” “Come Where You Going” “Cheater's Prayer,” and “Chill Spot” continue to tear up radio waves across the globe. The tremendous vocal prowess, proven lyrical ability and down-to-earth persona he shares with his audience has kept him at the top of his game and won him fans worldwide.



Protoje - Sudden Flight ft. Jesse Royal & Sevana

Protoje's 5th release from his #1 reggae album, Ancient Future, released worldwide on March 10th! Protoje says:" From the streets of Jamaica Coming Live and Direct!!! 'Sudden Flight' Ft. Jesse Royal & Sevana Now available on Soundcloud" Purchase the album here: www.bit.ly/ancientfuture 


Purchase the album here: www.bit.ly/ancientfuture
Follow @protoje Produced by: Winta James



Protoje - Sudden Flight ft. Jesse Royal & Sevana

From the streets of Jamaica coming live and direct
Proto Diggy deh ya we nuh need no mic check
step inna the place no badda disrespect
Just a warn the Ghetto yutes about the choice wah dem a make BOOM

Ladi Dadi naa join nuh party
look wha the politician them do to Claudie
look wha the politician them do to Jim
him son resurrect it and look wah them do to him
cause them will use and dispose of you those who are close to you
if you choose to trod this road u nuh
so bredda bredda if you war tonight
carry the scars of a Garveyite
carry the fire of a Melchezideck
when you mind get a chance represent
or you might a no pass the present so
no take them class love you fast then resent you
want make it fast so them lost every cent too
so we go back to the ancient ways untold secrets that remained unchanged
mentally get unchained a one goal a one aim a the same wah you saying

Got to stay through to the things you know are right
Nothing worth the gain you attain by Sudden Flight
Brother keep you goals in sight
even in the darkest night
have faith in the father the one who shines your light

(Jesse Royal)
Mercy me dem corrupt and covetous eeh
cause from me eye deh a me knee a one thing natty a see
the intellect a prey upon the poor poverty
nobody naa dance though a two party
oppression brainwashing and nefarious schemes
to keep the have-nots where they think they ought to be
I man hear promises of better when the poll time close
then a back to the same after winner announce
rockstone a river bottom never know say sun hot
so many a me brother them trap inna the plot
glock full a shot but no food inna pot
a wa wa wah kinda livity that
I an I a holla straight up wake up wake up Sons of Jacob
lay down their arms real tools you fi take up
stay up way up sons of Jacob time to show the cowards what we made of

so you've made it tell me what’s the basis thinking its so basic
cruising in the A6
Naa thats an illusion in the matrix
when you miss the payments then they gon’ come and claim it
You have to be focused keep the brain fit keep the flame lit never twist it when you aim hit
so what i'm saying simple and it plain it all look the same when it flushing down the drain
watch dem as dem strutting up the lane with the rope gold chain
chrome suppin in a hand
Look up pon dem face touch a button if you can
just fi try take you place a no nothing fi dem man
but that no matter cause another come along
and a run the place badder hotter than the summer sun
boof i see the cycle a repeat playing god up in your palace
with disciples pon the street

Rototom Sunsplash 2015 first 20 confirmed artists

Many new voices come together in a unanimous cry for peace in a stance against the pain caused by so many conflicts on an international level. Rototom Sunsplash 2015, debuts a line-up bringing some big names to their stages: 10 of the first 20 confirmations are artists performing for the first time at the festival. From the 15th to the 22nd of  August legends of Jamaican music and the best representatives of the international reggae scene will come together in Benicàssim for the 22nd edition of the most important reggae festival in Europe.
For the first time at Rototom Sunsplash, we will have some historic artists performing on the Main Stage, like the legendary vocal group The Pioneers and the ex-member of the Gladiators, Clinton Fearon, who has had a prolific solo career as a singer and guitarrist, releasing eleven albums in the last decade. We will also have the English group Bad Manners making their debut at the festival, a renowned ska band from the first wave of the revival at the end of the seventies which rose together with the punk scene.
After performing in 2009 on the Main Stage in Osoppo (Italy), Bunny Wailer returns to the line-up of Rototom Sunsplash for his first time in Spain in a concert which will be an unique opportunity to enjoy the music of one of the living legends of reggae music. A singer, composer and percussionist, he was one of the founding members of The Wailers, alongside Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, he will be one of the biggest stars to perform this year in Benicàssim.


Bunny Wailer. Photo: Luca d'Agostino

Also coming from Jamaica for the first time are Popcaan, a young star from the new generation of dancehall artists, and Uprising Roots, a young band symbolic of the revival of interest in roots reggae.
The new names of the international seen that will perform for the first time at Rototom are Hollie Cook, daughter of Paul Cook (drummer of the Sex Pistos) and Jeni (backing singer of Culture Club) and goddaughter of Boy George; the star of the European roots scene Uwe Banton accompanied by his band Next Generation Family; and the new French phenomenon Naâman y los italiano Mellow Mood.


Hollie Cook: Rototom Sunsplash.

In addition to the large number of artists debuting at the festival, we have many returning artists who have made memorable performances at Rototom in the past: as well as the aforementioned Bunny Wailer, this year will see the return of another legend Barrington Levy, the Main Stage will be set alight by the legendary fire and energy of Capleton and new forces to be reckoned with Protoje and Jah Cure. Dancehall will be represented by heavyweights Cham.


We will also have two noteworthy performances from acts that mix reggae with different sounds, coming from different sides of the planet: The New Zealanders Katchafire, with their positive vibes blended with traditional Maori sounds; and the incredible fusion of Balkan and electronic music of Macedonian producer Kiril Djaikovski ft TK Wonder (Australia) y MC Wasp (NY).
Chambao, Morodo giving a Spanish feel to the festival.
This year, Spanish bands will also have a prominent on the Main Stage of Rototom Sunsplash. Starting with Chambao from Malaga, who have managed to innovate and merge musical styles in an original and engaging blend of flamenco and chill out music, and Green Valley, a Spanish dancehall and reggae band noted for the strength of their live performances and the social issues they deal with in their music. Morodo, who has undoubtedly the most powerful singjay of the Iberian scene and also has an undeniable presence in Latin America, will return to Rototom after his last visit to mark the 20th anniversary of the festival in 2013.



Until next Sunday, the 5th of April tickets for the full eight days of concerts, talks, food and all types of activities will cost only 160 euros, or 200 with camping included.


List of the first 22 confirmations for Rototom Sunsplash 2015:


Jahdan Blakkamoore - Smood Blakk Skin (Order of Distinction | Lustre Kings Productions 2015)

Welcoming you into Jahdan Blakkamoore's forthcoming album Order of Distinction (March 24, 2015 Lustre Kings Productions) is the heavy roots, lovers rock single "Smood Blakk Skin". Shining light on a mature side of this veteran Reggae DJ /singer, Jahdan's falsetto in the chorus and clever innuendo are layed perfectly over the Zion I Kings produced, Lion of Judah riddim, featured previously on Midnite - I Grade's latest, Ride Tru. This is a sexy, hip rocking ode to the dark skin empress dem and sure shot for the Royal Queens and Kings world wide who appreciate natural beauty.


Released by:
Lustre Kings Productions


Morgan Heritage - Perform and Done (Official Video 2015)

Regarding the video, Morgan Heritage states, “Perform And Done is the music video that pushes the envelope for Morgan Heritage lyrically and visually. The goal is to captivate a whole new audience that would not typically watch a Morgan Heritage video. Our hope is that our existing and new fans appreciate our artistic expression.”

Morgan Heritage, which has established themselves as the premiere live group on the reggae circuit, will be kicking off the Strictly Roots tour in support of the band’s newest album on April 8th in Washington D.C. and wrapping up in Las Vegas, NV on April 27th. The tour also features third generation ambassador from the Morgan family, Jemere Morgan, as a special guest. Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased here: http://morganheritagemusic.com/tourdates 

Undoubtedly one of contemporary reggae’s most powerful forces on the global stage, the sensational roots reggae quintet, which comprises siblings Peetah Morgan (vocals), Una Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Gramps Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Lukes Morgan (rhythm guitar) and Mr. Mojo Morgan (percussion/vocals) has embraced the challenges that come with empowerment of this nature.

Guided by sheer acumen and a passionate desire to make their already rich musical legacy even more impactful, Morgan Heritage, after much deliberation and contemplation, triumphantly delivers their latest album exclusively on their very own label CTBC (Cool To Be Conscious) Music Group.

Strictly Roots features a wide variety of guest performers including platinum selling pop/dancehall phenomenon, Shaggy; American reggae and R&B vocalist, J Boog; third generation ambassadors from the Morgan and Marley families, Jemere Morgan and Jo Mersa Marley; reggae sensation, Chronixx; rock, world and reggae band, Rebelution; and Bumble Bee from the American Grammy-nominated pop reggae band, SOJA.

Among the heavyweight co-producers with Morgan Heritage on Strictly Roots are Don Chandler and BBC One/BBC 1Xtra's Seani B, Shane C. Brown of Juke Boxx Productions, multiple Grammy nominee, Jason “J-Vibe” Farmer; French reggae/dancehall production duo Matthieu Bost and Jérémie “Bim” Dessus; guitarist Andrew “Simmo” Simpson and DJ Fras. In addition, multi-faceted studio and touring drummer, Gil Sharone, has contributed to the brilliant instrumentation for which Morgan Heritage is known. Gil’s DVD, Wicked Beats, won the Drummie award in Drum Magazine for “DVD Of The Year” 2011.

Throughout 2015, Morgan Heritage will be touring in support of Strictly Roots, which will be released digitally on April 20th, 2015 and physically on April 21st, 2015.



Bob Marley – "I Shot The Sheriff" | Easy Skanking In Boston '78

Bob Marley & The Wailers perform "I Shot The Sheriff" live from the never-before-seen Easy Skanking In Boston '78 concert video release, out February 17 worldwide. Pick up a copy today on CD (http://smarturl.it/EasySkankingCD), CD/DVD (http://smarturl.it/EasySkankingDVDCD), iTunes (http://smarturl.it/EasySkankingiTunes), Google Play (http://smarturl.it/al-gp-BM-ES), or Blu-Ray/CD (http://smarturl.it/EasySkankingBRCD).