DUB INC - Revolution - brand new video!

DUB INC "Revolution" is the brand new video from their latest big album "Paradise". Check it out!



Crédits clip :
Réalisation : Jérôme "Juv" Bauer & Alexis R.
Dop: Florent Huot de Saint Albain
Montage : Alexis R.
Effets spéciaux : Jérôme "Juv" Bauer
Étalonnage : Jérôme "Juv" Bauer & Alexis R.



Welcome inna di land
Bouchkour pon the mic on more time come back again
Welcome inna di land
Ready and go ! Let the music play again

I need a revolution.
A revolution, a new direction !
Let's stop the pollution
It's time to change the way
I want to stay in my garden.
I'm staying hidden, inna di garden !
I found a protection,
Back to the roots is the way to grow !

Couplet 1
Nous ne sommes qu'une petite part parmi tant d'autres sur cette sphère,
Au fond qu'un animal parmi tant d'autres mammifères,
En fait une bête féroce qui n'a plus d'adversaire,
Juste un roi sans couronne régnant seul sur notre terre.

On a, poussé les limites de manière volontaire.
On va, gaspiller ce qu'il risque pour faire des affaires.
On a, enfoui notre âme comme les déchets qu'on enterre,
Notre avenir on condamne si maintenant l'on désespère.

Reproduire nos erreurs comme à chaque fois,
Bâtir un monde meilleur qu'on ne voit pas,
Epuiser nos ressources mais de quel droit ?
Pour que tourne ce monde.
On a conçu des machines de guerre, on a détruit des forets entières
Et on a extrait l'or de la mer,
Et maintenant tout s'effondre.


Couplet 2
Mère de toute nation, terre en perdition,
Ne pouvant pas soigner ses maux.
Je rêve d'une révolution, des arbres en factions,
Et inversant le cours des choses.
Peur de ce qu'on laisse aux notres,
Sur le visage des autres, elle se devine.
L'air qu'on respire ne trompe pas,
L'avenir est notre et se dessine.

Vois l'avenir qu'on laisse aux futures générations,
Aux vues des conséquences il n'y a pas de rédemption,
Anticiper la suite face à la pollution,
Si proche du précipice, il faut que nous stoppions !
Si à travers les champs s'étend ce poison,
Que les graines d'aujourd'hui se meurent juste en poussant,
Pendant que l'on s'agite, en scrutant l'horizon,
Avant que tout s'effrite prenons le bon tournant.

De quoi parlons nous et de quel avenir ?
Je sens tourner le vent !
Et dans les nuages on peut lire,
Nos excès et comportements !
Sommes-nous devenus fous sans pouvoir réagir ?
Proche de l'internement !
Notre devoir nous réunir,
D'Asie d'Afrique ou d'occident !


Couplet 3
Welcome inna di land
Bouchkour pon the mic on more time come back again
Welcome inna di land
Ready and go, Let the music play again

Anthony B - How Do You Sleep - brand new video!

Anthony B - How Do You Sleep - brand new videoclip...check it out!

















Hello mister Holness
And Mrs P
I know you are the leaders of Jamaica
Come on and talk to me
How do you feel when you see the hopeless run the street?
Who do you pray for nightly for his needs
Tell me when you look in the ghetto
Are you proud?

How do you sleep when the rest of us rise
How do you feel when the mother have no hope to give her child
How do you work wid your head held high?
You cant even look me in my eyes

(Verse 1)
What do you know about hard work?
Doing four jobs and never get raise a pay
Let me tell you bout hard work
Working on the form until you old and grey
Let me tell you bout hard work
Try fi get back your house after bank tek it away
Let me tell you bout hard work
Politician nuh know hard work

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Beautiful Jamaica
The land of wood and water
This island is so bless
But every leaders wi get in a wi country
Turn out to be
Marcus Garvey did tell wi
And now dem spit pon Marcus Garvey grave
That`s why mi talking to mister intellect
The big guys weh sit down up in a the cabinet
Now this is a letter coming from utech
Think next time before you read the budget

Etana - "I Rise" A Day In The Life | NYC

Rise up and follow "The Strong One" of reggae, Etana as she takes over New York City to celebrate the release of "I Rise". This historic album marked the 1st time in nearly two decades that a female reggae artist made it into Billboard's Top 10 Reggae Chart! From the stop over at SiriusXM radio to the grand finale performance at SOB's. . . just another day in the life of Etana.















Follow Etana:

Chezidek - No More War - brand new single!

Roots Reggae Singer Chezidek, has unleashed a powerful healing message to the world through his brand new anti-war single "No More War". Single available January 13th 2015. Album available February 10th, 2015.


Happy 70th Birthday Bob! (Bob Marley - Could you be loved Acapella Cover)

Happy 70th Birthday Bob! Acapella version of "Bob Marley Israel 70 Birthday Celebration" Artists! All Vocals - No Instruments! Check it out!


Produced by: Guy Dreifuss (Afficoman) and Shmulik Bar-Dan
Directed Filmed & Cut by: Alon Segal - http://Alonsegal.com/
Music Production: Amit Sagie
Vision and additional editing: Guy Dreifuss
Production: Adi Ezer
Special thanks: House of Marley Israel
Thanks to all the artists and people that participated:
Alon Landa, Amit Sagie, Gadi Altman, Odelia Oknin, Ohad Rein, Oren Wilson, Shira Chen, Tony Ray, Urijah Gazit, Yonathan Liner.






Marlon Asher - Babylon Brutality - new video!

Babylon Brutality is the brand new single and videoclip for Marlon "Ganja Farmer"Asher from the soon to be released album "Illusions". Check it out!



Music video by Marlon Asher performing Babylon Brutality.


Eezy Breezy - Micah Shemaiah ft Exile di Brave

Eezy Breezy is by MICAH SHEMAIAH and features EXILE di BRAVE. It will be released on 7 inch vinyl worldwide. The artwork was done by Matthew McCarthy. Eezy Brezzy will be featured on Micah Shemaiah's 2nd album aptly titled Original Dread to be released on vinyl in March 2015 to be released on Descendant Music Label, produced by Will Teare (Descendant Music) & Micah Shemaiah Abrahams.

Eddie Murphy - Oh Jah Jah - brand new single!

VPAL Music, VP Records' subsidiary label and distribution arm for reggae music teams up with the revered comedian/actor/singer Eddie Murphy to release his new single "Oh Jah Jah," available January 27, 2015.

This song is not the first time Eddie Murphy has dabbled in the genre. "Oh Jah Jah" follows his 2013 collab "Red Light" feat. Snoop Lion.

Murphy penned and co-produced "Oh Jah Jah," which was recorded and mixed at Soul Mountain Studios in Beverly Hills, CA. Ralph Hawkins Jr. and Trenten Gumbs also had a hand in the production. Check it out this beautiful roots song on Sondcloud now!

Inner Circle featuring Chronixx & Jacob Miller "Tenement Yard (News Carryin' Dread)"

Its OFFICIAL... Chronixx , Inner Circle , & Jacob Miller's "TENEMENT YARD (Remix)" is going to be released on iTunes this Tuesday, January 6, so GET READY !!

Miami, Florida ~ Grammy winning, Bad Boys of Reggae, Inner Circle team up with Reggae Revival's superstar Chronixx for the anticipated music video "Tenement Yard (News Carrying Dread)."

"Dreadlocks can't live in a tenement yard ~ too much watchie watchie watchie, too much su-su su-su su"

In Jamaica, a tenement yard is a shanty town or Jamaican ghetto.

The lyrics explain why Rasta need more freedom from people watching their every move and chatting their business.

Jacob Miller and Inner Circle originally recorded this big classic tune 'Tenement Yard' in 1976. Jacob Miller was the lead vocalist for Inner Circle, and the band flourished with Miller's humorous antics and vocals. Tragically, Miller met in an untimely car accident in 1980 which took his life. Inner Circle and Chronixx pay tribute to the late, great Jacob 'killer' Miller with the release of the music video "Tenement Yard."

Inner Circle's success is also attributed to the broadening of their professional skills, creating a complex called 'Circle House.'

Circle House Studios is one of the most prominent recording studios.

Inner Circle has toured all points of the globe and 2015 promises to be a stellar year for the group. Early next year they head to the Philippines and Jamaica. "Bad Boys" became a household word a with the major success of the television program 'Cops,' and the success of the group has skyrocketed and still moving up.

Young producers such as Don Corleon, Stephen 'di genius' Mcgregor & Supa Dups have embraced Circle Village, bridging the generation gap in reggae and creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Chronixx is a young Jamaican artiste who has recently acquired international attention and success. He is considered one of the top Reggae Revival artistes that is the future of reggae music. His intellectual and lyrically potent issues are relevant to the return of the heights of reggae. His father, Chronicle, encouraged Chronixx to write and create tunes from a very early age, He is way ahead of his years, singing and producing music at only 22 years old.

This exciting combination with Inner Circle and Chronixx is set for release early January 2015.


Inner Circle Chronixx Jacob Miller Tenement Yard Behind The Scenes

Inner Circle featured Chronixx on their Jacob Miller Classic Record Tenement Yard. The video was shot in Miami Florida in the Little Haiti area. It was directed by Gil Green & Damian Fyffe for 305 Films.


Sizzla - "I'm Living" [Official Video 2015] - BRAND NEW!

'I'm Living' is the stunning first single from the Sizzla album 'Born A King', produced by Mista Savona. With its soulful and uplifting lyrics, Sizzla delivers a bonafide roots reggae anthem that reflects goodwill towards all humankind, as well as being a passionate call for social justice globally.

Sizzla's "I'm Living", Pincher's "Guide Me Oh Jah" and the acoustic mix of "I'm Living" are now available on vinyl. More versions on this riddim (including Burro Banton, Cornel Campbell, Prince Alla & Ilements) and remixes from Stickybuds, Gaudi, Ed Solo, B.R.E.E.D, Mista Savona, 3rdeye & more are available here:

"I'm Living" (The Versions & Remixes EP):

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/im-...
Addictech: http://www.addictech.com/p/151869
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/im-li...
Mista Savona: http://mistasavona.com/ (click on 'Store' or 'Music Room' - WAV formats)

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/mistasavona
MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/mistasavona




"Emperor Selassie I, Jah

I'm living, for the sick and the poor
The hungry and the shelterless, sleeping on the floor
I'm giving, all I've got and more
I know Jah will bless me and open up the doors
I'm living, for the young and the old
The blind and the deaf, and the dumb ones you know
I'm giving, Jah Jah love, to all of the
Beautiful people of the world

Governments coming with the same damn thing,
Million year, trillion years, 'aint doing one thing
Children, listen when the Rastaman sing -
No matter the destruction, gwaan praise the King
Warn them and tell them there is right over wrong
Mr President , why is it you make the bombs?
Everyday is weapons of mass destruction
Seems like they got no love for anyone

I'm living, for the sick and the poor
The hungry and the shelterless, sleeping on the floor
I'm giving, what I've got and more
'Cause I know the Most High will bless me for sure
I'm living, for the young and the old
The blind and the deaf, and the dumb ones you know
I'm giving, Jah Jah love, to all those
Beautiful people of the world

Don't you worry all my people,
Cause Rasta never leave you
Babylon try to deceive you
Africa with open arms will receive you
Although, the sufferation hard, well listen -
We're doing it for a cause
Sometime though I've no food in the yard
Journey me haffi step towards

I'm living, I'm living
I'm giving, whoa whoa oh whoa oh ay ay

Seems no one care for them
But Jah is there for them
And I'm here for them
Jah love I declare for them
Stretch a helping hand to the youth
You can only lead them with the truth
Don't you hear them crying?
Don't you see them dying?

I'm living, for the sick and the poor
The hungry and the shelterless, sleeping on the floor
I'm giving, all I've got and more
I know Jah will bless me and open up the doors
I'm living, for the young and the old
The blind and the deaf, and the dumb ones you know
I'm giving all I've got and more.
Most High will open up the doors

Hey, yeh Savona, Kalonji
It's beautiful
Taking it to the world, whoa
Jah is always there..."


Unicef Jamaica: #IMAGINE a Better World for Children

UNICEF's global #IMAGINE initiative is bringing together voices from across the world for children. UNICEF Jamaica and friends invite you to add your voice - #IMAGINE, #everyvoicecounts. Download the touchcast app at imagine.unicef.org