Attila - You Neva Know Me (2015)

Attila, one of the most important artists in italian dancehall, is back. After a good number of EPs, finally the singer from Salento (one of Europe's most important reggae capitals) has released his debut album called “You Neva Know Me”, 16 tracks that truly showcases his many talents and how versatile his voice is.  All 16 tracks were produced by longtime partner Mighty Cez but that doesn't mean that it sounds all the same: dancehall, roots reggae and hip-hop are all thrown in the mix and the result is a cutting edge urban music record.
The first single to be released, back in 2014, was “Soundkiller” and it went so well that it was the signal that it was time for a full album.

“My Story” is the street single released the same day as the record, a journey into Attila's past through all the situations and people that have inspired him, sung in a Raggamuffin style. The record's biggest number is probably “Duh Road” a big tune with a big chorus all about the joys of bringing your music to the people on tour around the world.
Two other big songs on the cord are “Yuh Body Good”, that takes it's sound from dark trap hip-hop, and “Future” a political track with a stripped down arrangement. So many styles, so many ideas, so many tunes; but if you know Attila, that's what he is about.



Mellow Mood ready to release "2 The World"

Mellow Mood, the most famous Italian reggae band, are proud and happy to announce the release of a new album! "2 The World" is the twin of Twinz and will be released on April 7th through La Tempesta International. Club shows are confirmed as follows, and summer shows will be announced soon! One Love!

SOJA - Shadow | #OutOfSchool | UNICEF

How many children do not have access to an education? Nearly 58 million children of primary school age and 63 million young adolescents are not enrolled in school.

Reggae band SOJA partnered with UNICEF's Out-of-School Children initiative to produce this video in Jigjiga, in the Somali region of Ethiopia. 3 million children remain out of school in the East African nation.

The global initiative calls for a greater investment in better data and demonstrates that reaching the most marginalized children may initially cost more but also yields greater benefits. For more on global trends regarding out-of-school children, visit:

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Mungo's Hi Fi ft Charlie P - Back to my roots (2015)

From the forthcoming album "Mungo's Hi Fi ft Charlie P - You see me star". Release date 15th April 2015 - 12" vinyl LP SCOBLP005 / CD digipack SCOBCD005 / Digital formats.




Charlie P is a raggamuffin rudeboy youth with a natural talent for music. He first appeared on stage at the age of 5 and there are some grainy youtube videos of him performing as a child. He started out singing motown and blues but reggae was in his blood since he grew up surrounded by UK-Jamaican culture. He started singing with the Goldmaster Allstars at the age of 11, but was soon drawn to soundsystems which is where he feels most at home. His uncle had been running a sound in Southend on Sea and it was his mother who encouraged him in his career.
Charlie first came to Glasgow in 2010 for one of Mungo’s Hi Fi’s legendary nights at the Artschool. This was the beginning of their working relationship which has seen countless recording sessions and continuous touring around every corner of the globe. This album is the culmination of this ongoing relationship and brings together the best tracks across the styles that he loves, from roots reggae and dancehall to modern bass music.
Some are surprised to see a young white guy with a Jamaican accent, but it is his musical language and Charlie is not pretending to be anything but himself - a man with a passion for good ganja and reggae dancehall.


Wha' Gwaan Munchy?!? #20 INNER CIRCLE [February 2015]

This edition's topics: Jo Mersa, Capleton and Marley brothers highlighting the 9 Mile Festival in Miami, Florida / Festivities on February 6th in celebration of Bob Marley's 70th birthday / Inner Circle remembering the late great Jacob Miller and working on new album and riddim selection with rising stars from the new roots movement / Reggae Month in Jamaica with Dennis Brown Tribute, JaRIA Honour Awards and Blue Mountain Music Festival attracts fans from all over the world / Co-Host: Inner Circle

Bob Marley – "War" | Easy Skanking In Boston '78

Bob Marley & The Wailers perform "War" live from the never-before-seen Easy Skanking In Boston '78 concert video release, out February 17 worldwide. Pick up a copy today on CD (, CD/DVD (, iTunes (, Google Play (, or Blu-Ray/CD (



Morgan Heritage Reveals "Strictly Roots" Album Cover, Announces U.S Tour Dates

Social media was abuzz when Morgan Heritage shared the news via such vessels as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that they were heading out on the road Spring 2015. The wait is finally over, Cool To Be Conscious Music Group has officially released the April tour dates and locations for the Morgan Heritage “Strictly Roots” 2015 World Tour. Fans in the United States can boast as being the first of many to witness the group, and experience their new album live in concert as they launch their "Strictly Roots" world tour. 

"We always look forward to performing for our fans and touring is the ultimate performing experience to us. Simply because we get to perform new material along with the catalog for a different audience every night. All while augmenting the set night in and night out to fit a particular audience. These adjustments we make on the fly really optimize our live show because the changes that occur in our live show on tour come out of nowhere and most of all when we least expect it." - Morgan Heritage


Albeit more dates to be announced for May, it has been confirmed that Morgan Heritage will perform at "Best Of The Best" Concert Memorial Weekend in Miami, and the Palm Beach Jerk Festival in Florida before heading to Europe. A complete listing of April’s schedule and other tour dates can be found on the Morgan Heritage official website (

While the lead single, "Perform and Done," from their highly anticipated album, is steadily climbing the various international charts, the siblings are gearing up to release the "Perform and Done" video  which was recently shot on location in Jamaica. The "Strictly Roots" album is slated for a Spring 2015 release date. Listen to the single now.



Protoje - Answer To Your Name - brand new single!

Answer To Your Name is the 3rd Official single from the album Ancient Future, produced by Winta James and Lewis Planter. Pre-Order out now Check out!








Like to tell you a story about a girl I know

Or should I say a girl I used to know

1971 inna England

Fresh off the plane to my dame inna Brixton

No, she never ask 'bout flight

Two month now no telegram write

Hey, she send taxi fi I

She gone a some house party tonight

So call me artical like

Make a few call get a couple invite

Inna the place me gone

Never leff Yard from the day me born

Right up front who me staring pon

You can tell say a she by the way she gwaan

Christine, Christina, Crystal

Try all a dem and she still never respond

Understand, catch a pree from a distance

Man hand gone inna pants fi a six-pance

Whoa! Tuff guys beside her

She naa reply when I say hi to her

So dem go try bring violence in the parr

Need I remind these kind that I nuh war

So me turn fi walk away

But a likkle voice in my head start talk to me

Tell me walk right pass her

To the sound, take the mic and ask her

Girl! Why don't you answer to your name?

Girl! Why don't you answer to your name?

And girl I know you see me

And you know I see you too

So what is it gonna be

Tell me what you wanna do

What's with this great mystery

After all that we been through

Now you're refusing to look my way, eh

My likkle darling

Know she stay so from morning

Where she grew was appalling

Want fi make it right so she take the flight

Heard the city lights calling

From the day she been crawling

All she hear bout is foreign

Say we a keep the link

Now wah me fi think see the plans dem sinking

Deep, new year reach

Accent gone pon all part a you speech

Don Gorgon dem u waa fi go meet

Like she be the real topanaris a street

Please, watch how me calmness a do it

Naa bat a lid, as a morning I leave

But how me fi walk right pass you miss

Haffi look inna you eye and ask you this

And I know you know what I'm talking about

Girl see you in the crowd and act like she don't know

But me naa take no stylin', no punkin' or no joke


Girl why you dweet (Girl why you dweet!)

Girl why you dweet (Girl why you dweet!)

No it no sweet (No it no sweet!)

No it no sweet (No it no sweet!)


Luciano & Pinchers - Stop Invest in Crime (Run Things Records)

Brand new single for Luciano & Pinchers! "Stop Invest in Crime" is produced by Run Things Records. Check it out!





Luciano & Pinchers - Stop Invest in Crime (Run Things Records)

Pincher- messenger so long the wicked man have bin planting the seed of sorrow.
Luciano- and that`s why this whole world is in a mess ,
so lets turn to our interlect and see if we can clean up this wreck.
Luciano along side pinchers, bandelero come cross
Pinchser- stop invest inna crime, pleased don`t spend another dime.
nuh food nuh inna pot and every body belly flat , and round deh back a crazy k`s & crazy 9
Luciano- stop from invest inna crime, pleased don`t spend another dime.
to make it to deh top -yuh better stop and take a stack, but don`t corrupt di youth dem mind.
verse 1
pinchers - know food nah run, but di boss a mek yuh fire big expensive gun.
Luciano - know shoes -that`s a uppers with a tongue ,my youth mi wonder how yuh manage di burning hot grong.
Pinchers- weh yuh sleep -him tell mi seh a grong ,my youth a 30 bed dem sell for di price of dat gun.
Luciano- crazy shot a pop and man a dead a road- so much youths a dead, den how di don so proud.
chorus - pinchers & Luciano.
Vers 2.
pinchers - logger head - stop being a logger haed -nuff youth nah nuh sense out deh.
Luciano - teach dem to make a bread- insted a buss di led , how much youth a get dash weh.
Pinchers- there most be a better way for di youth of di day, i tell dem crime don`t pay.
Luciano- yuh give dem gun and never give dem breakfast , so dem dead inna di streets a try to rich fast.
chorus - pinchers and luciano.
vers 3
Pinchers - yes it hard out deh and wi know, plant good seed and just let it grow.
wi will reap any ting weh wi sew , cah seh yuh never know -yuh like to be a o
seet - yuh cah trust di youth dem weh a guard yuh head.
Luciano- sick head a sick head , hot head nyam any bread.
Chorus - Pinchers and Luciano .